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John Chircop with Francisco X. Martinez, eds.  Mediterranean Quarantines 1750-1914: Space, Identity and Power (Manchester University Press, in press). 


John Chircop, ed., Colonial Encounters: Maltese Experiences of British Rule 1800-1970s (Horizons, 2015)


John Chircop,  ed., Labour History Revisited (Horizons, 2013).


John Chircop with Patrice Bourdelais, eds.  Vulnerability, Social Inequality and Health  (Edicoes Colibri, 2010).


John Chircop, The Left Within the Maltese Labour Movement  (Mireva, 1991)


Editor, Journal of Maltese History (2008 – to date)


Chapters in books and papers in academic journals:


‘Quarantine, sanitisation, colonialism and the construction of the ‘contagious Arab’ in the Mediterranean, 1830s-1900,’ in J. Chircop and J.F. Martinez eds., Mediterranean Quarantines 1750-1914 (MUP, in press), pp. 236-275.


‘From Scattered Outposts into a Global Imperial Network: A cast study of how Mediterranean zones integrated into the Global Economic System during the Nineteenth Century,’ in Kim Jung Ha ed.,  지중해 문명 교류: Mediterranean  Civilization, (KSI., Pusan University of Foreign Studies, South Korea, 2017), pp.453-488.


‘Rethinking the Archive through the making of Memorja: an oral, sound and visual archive,’ Arkivju (issue 8, 2017), pp. 5-16.


‘From Permeable Frontiers to Strict Border Divisions. The Geostrategic Construction of the Mediterranean on the Ruins of Ancient Narrow Seas,’ in G. D’Angelo and J. Martins Ribeiro eds., Borders and Conflicts in the Mediterranean Basin (ICSR, Mediterranean Knowledge series 2016),     pp. 51-66.


[with John Baldacchino], ‘Revolution and the politics of imagination: the aesthetics of revolution,’  in Crises economiques et changements sociopolitiques: Mouvements de contestation, Insurrections et Revolutions a travers l’Histoire   (Serie Savoir sans’ Frontiers, Centre for Studies and Research in Development, Tunis, 2016), pp.  359-377.


'Pax Britannica and 'Free Trade and Open Seas': Shifting British Informal Colonialism in North Africa, 1800-1860s', Mediterranean Review, vol. 8/1 (2015), 29-57.


‘Colonial Encounters in Multiple Dimensions: Collaboration, Defiance and Hybridity in the making of Maltese History – Introduction,’ in J Chircop ed., Colonial Encounters: Maltese Experiences of British Rule 1800-1970s (Horizons, 2015),  13-66.


‘Resilience, Survival, Defiance: the Fishing Communities on the Coast of Colonial Malta, 1840-1920s’, in J Chircop ed., Colonial Encounters. Maltese Experiences of British Rule  (2015), pp. 327-353.


‘Management and Therapeutic Regimes in Two Lunatic Asylums in Corfu and Malta’, 1837-1870’, in Sally Sheard and Laurinda Abreu eds., Hospital Life. Theory and Practice From the Medieval to the Modern (Peter Lang, 2014), 179-207.


‘Quarantine as a Tool of ‘Modernity’ and the construction of the ‘Contagious Arab’ through the International Sanitary Conferences, 1851 – 1890,’ in Les Actes  de 2’eme Colloque sur la modernite e le Monde Arab (SPHERE, 2015),  57-90.


‘Oral Tradition: Contending Historical and Contemporary Relevance,’ Arkivju, no 5:  2014,  3-12.


‘Reconfiguring  British Historical Involvement in the Mediterranean, from the 16th to the 19th centuries’, in Etudes Sur l’Afrique et L’Espace Arabo-Mediterraneen, Melanges offerts au Hichem Djait (Centre Publication Universitaire, Tunis, 2013), 153-176.


‘L’Immagni ta’ Mintoff fil-Memorja Kollettiva: Riflessjonijiet t’Analizi,’ [Mintoff’s Image in Collective Memory: A Reflective Analysis’, in M. Cutajar ed., Mintoff. Il-bniedem u l’Istorja  (SKS, 2013),  104-114.


‘Labour History, Historiography and Beyond’, in J. Chircop ed., Labour History Revisited (Horizons, 2012), 11-60.


Between Neighbours and a Colonial Third Party: Pioneer Migration of British Colonial Subjects to the North African Coast, 1815-1870’, Mediterranean Social & Economic History Review, ‘The Crop Cultivation  Regions of the Maghreb’, no.1 (2012),  95-130.


Giusta la Benefica Intenzione del Re’: the Bourbon cowpox vaccination campaign in Sicily, 1800-1860,’ Hygiea Internationalis: Interdisciplinary Journal for the History of Public Health (vol.9, no.2, 2010), 25-47.


‘From the pulse of social routine to the subversion of normality: bell-ringing in the Ionian Islands and Malta’, Journal of Mediterranean Studies, vol. 9, no.1, 2010, 3-29. 


‘Gibraltar, Labor Resistance and Social Protest, 1800-1920s’, in Immanuel Ness edit., The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest (Blackwell Reference Online),


“Female vulnerabilities and coping strategies in the poor neighbourhoods of three colonial port districts: Corfu, Malta and Gibraltar, 1815-1870” in P. Bourdelais and J.Chircop (eds.), Vulnerability, Social Inequality and Health (2010), 35-59.


“Living on Fishing, Caught in the Market: The Maltese fishing communities 1860s-1920’, Journal of Maltese History, vol.2, no.1 (2010), 21-32.


“So Far and Yet So Near: Ionian and Maltese Migrant Networks of Support in the Southern and Eastern countries of the Mediterranean, 1800-1870” in  L. Abreu and P. Bourdelais (eds.), The Price of Life. Welfare Systems, Social Nets and Economic Growth (Evora, 2008), 333-355.


“Margined people of the Karstland: Pastoral Cave-centered survival strategies in the central Mediterranean” in M. Emmanuelson and E. Johansson (eds.), Peripheral Communities. Crisis, Continuity and Long-Term Survival (Uppsola, 2008), 245-260.


“Negotiating provisions, social assistance and health treatment: the Elderly Poor in the Ionian Islands, 1800-1860s” in M. Dinges (ed.), Health and Health Care between Self-Help, Intermediary Organizations and Formal Poor Relief, 1500-2005 (Cidehus, 2007), 61-78.


“Old Age Coping Strategies of the Ionian and Maltese Poor, 1800-1865”, Hygiea Internationalis,  Journal of the History of Public Health, vol.5, no.1 (Linkoping, 2006), 51-73.


“Revisiting a Pioneer: The Libyan Al Jihad Centre”, Bulletin of the International Oral History Association, vol.15, no.1, 2007.


 “Surviving in the Landscape of War Memories: Oral History Work in Progress” in C. Thank and I. Callus (eds.), Malta at War in Cultural Memory. Representations of ‘The Madonna’s Chosen People’ (Malta, 2005), 21-32.


“Public Health and Poor-relief in the British-Mediterranean colonial context 1800-1860” in L. Abreu (ed.), European Health and Social Welfare Policies (Blansco, 2004), 297-320.


“Maltese Maritime Historiography: A Critical Assessment” in New Directions in Mediterranean Maritime History’. Research in Maritime History No. 28 (St. John’s Newfoundland, 2004), 83-103.


 “Brokers, Collectors, Collaborators: mediating colonial modernization in Malta 1870-1914”, Proceedings of History Week (Malta, 2004), 43-56.


“Crisis and the social desire for history”, UOM Annual Report 2003, 29-32.


“The Narrow Sea Complex: A Hidden Dimension in Mediterranean Maritime History”, Resources and Infrastructures in the Maritime Economy, 1500-2000 ed. by G. Boyce and R. Gorski (St. John’s Newfoundland, 2002), 43-61.


“Shifting the colonial frontier: the colonial state, schooling and Maltese society, 1814-1914”,  Yesterday’s Schools. Readings in Maltese Educational History ed. by R. G. Sultana (Malta, 2001),  123-136.


“Maltese Voices of the Twentieth Century”, International Oral History Association Newsletter, 2003, 24-26.


 “L’Ezodu u l-kontroll tal- ‘Popolazzjoni zejda’ f’Malta: Il-Kaz tal-kolonja Agrikola f’Kefalonja”, Malta Esplorazzjoni ed. by D. Massa (Malta, 2001), 48-65.

Oral History Handbook (Malta, 2002), 1-45.


 “Oral History in the Maltese Islands”, Words and Silences (Sussex, 2000), no.5 [excerpts reproduced in Oral History. Journal of the Oral History Society, vol.28, no.2 (Autumn 2000)].


“Maritime history in the Maltese Islands”, Commission International d’Histoire Maritime Newsletter, no.15 (2000), 17-19.


“‘Bell-Ringing in Maltese History 1800-1870s. Language, Regulator and Weapon”, Karissime Gotifride. Historical Essays presented to Godfrey Wettinger on his seventieth birthday, ed. P. Xuereb (Malta, 1999), 147-158.


List of Publications of the Faculty of Arts [co-edit], (Malta, 1999).


”The Evolution of the Harbour Infrastructure: from mercantile to naval control”, Melita Historica, vol.xii, no.2 (Malta, 1997), 209-218.


“Critical Comments: the socio-economic historiography of the ex-British outposts in the Mediterranean”, Gibraltar Chronicle (Gibraltar, 1997), no.356.


“Maltese Cotton Manufacture: A Story of Decline and Extinction”, Bank of Valletta Review (Spring, 1997), no.15, 47-59.


“The nature and development of British commercial relations with Tripolitania 1800-1850”, New Directions in Economic and Social History, ed. by I. Blanchard (Edinburgh, 1995), 136-141.


“Dal mugugno alla Resistenza: Tradizioni di resistenza sociale a Malta”, I Giorni Cantati  (Torino, 1992), 15-23.


“In Search of Enlightenment: Maltese working class perceptions of emancipation through education”, Labour Education Journal (Geneva, 1992), no.89, 28-32.


“The Maltese Ghannejja: Oral Tradition and Historical Source”, Oral History: Journal of the Oral History Society  (Essex, Spring 1993), 63-67.


 “Contesting the Past. History, Folklore and Other Visions”, L-Imnara: Journal of the Folklore Society (Malta, 1992), vol. 4, no. 2, 40-43.


 “Social Values in the First Three School Journals”, The Teacher (Malta, 1993), no. 51, 1993.


 “Maltese Emigration: Political control and Underdevelopment in the inter-War period”, Society  (Malta, 1991), vol.4, no.2, 5-13.





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