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Basic Medical Maltese for the Healthcare Professions 1
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 Study-Unit code - MAL0019

The course introduces students to conversational medical Maltese focusing on the areas of basic anatomical terminology, health care professional/patient communication, understanding patients' symptoms, and interacting in a Maltese medical setting.

Throughout the course, the students will have the opportunity to extend their communication skills through role-play and medical conversations.

Additionally, the students will be exposed to basic Maltese grammar and vocabulary that enables them to communicate verbally in Maltese in the local healthcare setting.


Knowledge and Understanding

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

- understand patients' general symptoms expressed in Maltese;

- answer typical simple questions used in a Maltese medical setting.



The course will help students to:

- acquire a fair command of basic communicative Maltese;

- familiarise themselves with basic medical vocabulary;

- engage in basic conversation with patients and medical colleagues. 


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Il-Kors fil-Qari tal-Provi bil-Malti
Applika sal-10 ta' Jannar 2020 fis-2pm
Id-Diploma fil-Letteratura Maltija
Il-kors jerġa' jiftaħ f'Ottubru 2020
Basic Medical Maltese for the Healthcare Professions 1
For applicants employed in the healthcare profession
Basic Medical Maltese for the Healthcare Professions 2
This course is aimed at persons employed in the healthcare profession.
Medical Maltese Proficiency Certificate
For applicants with overseas qualifications
300 sena mit-twelid ta' de Soldanis
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