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The programme of Arabic in the Department of Oriental Studies is given an impetus within the context of Arabic culture and language.  Moreover, prospective candidates of this department are also offered a degree in Near Eastern Studies. Courses in the respective languages and civilizations are offered in both degree programmes, with the main emphasis on the former. The language courses purport to bring students into direct contact with the languages concerned via training in grammar, general philology, and literary works in the original version. On the other hand, the civilization courses are aimed at providing the students with an overview of various cultural aspects - such as archaeology, history, religion, and literature - of Semitic and other Near Eastern societies. Students are expected to boost the courses on civilization with a good amount of personal background reading.


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Arabic - The undergraduate degree programmes in Arabic (B.A. and B.A. (Hons)) consist of courses in Arabic language and literature, as well as on Islamic history and civilization. Students will be offered the opportunity to deal with various types of Arabic, including Classical Arabic and various Arabic dialects. However, the main emphasis lies on Modern Standard Arabic, and students are expected to be proficient in this type of Arabic by the end of their course.



Near Eastern Studies - The undergraduate degrees (B.A. and B.A. (Hons)) in Near Eastern Studies are based on a core component of Arabic and North-West Semitic (for example, Classical Hebrew, Phoenician, and Punic) together with archaeology and general cultural courses on the Near East (mainly the Ancient Near East), and the Islamic world. The language courses in these degree programmes are shared mainly between Arabic and Hebrew: the former will be largely Modern Standard Arabic, whereas the latter will be mainly Classical Hebrew. 



Postgraduate Degrees - Students can pursue postgraduate research both in Arabic and in Near Eastern Studies leading to one of the following degrees: M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., provided the available staff have the necessary expertise in the proposed research topic.

Students from the fields of Maltese, archaeology, history, theology, linguistics, and communications would find both Arabic and Near Eastern Studies a very congenial other area of study or a source of several study-units which would enhance their main field of study.
The two tracks of degrees offered in this department could be profitable for future careers in the academic, diplomatic, and business spheres.

Last Updated: 10 June 2009

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