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"The Department of Philosophy at the University of Malta offers an impressive syllabus, given the relatively small size of the Department. The syllabus covers a wide range of areas and provides a well-rounded philosophical education. It meets with the 'benchmarks' determined for the teaching of philosophy in UK institutions. The history of the subject is well covered, and students are acquainted with both Anglo-American and Continental traditions in modern philosophy."

David E. Cooper, Professor of Philosophy, University of Durham.

The department has a steady intake of students, some of whom take Philosophy as their main or second area in the B.A. course, but most of whom choose it as a subsidiary subject in conjunction with their main course outside the Faculty of Arts.

The number of students who are required to take a number of Philosophy credits is always on the increase. These include students reading for a degree in Theology, Law, European Studies and Communications, as well as following courses in the History of Art, Theatre Studies, Psychology, the M.A. course in Human Rights and Democracy, the M.A. course in English and the Edward de Bono Institute for the Design and Development of Thinking.

We strongly feel that practically all students can benefit from doing at least some Philosophy at the University. Of its nature and as it is taught by our department, philosophy necessitates independent but coherent thinking and concern for values, qualities that are required of any candidate reading for an academic degree as well as by all present and future members of the knowledge society.


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Student Representatives on the Board of Studies

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