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‘Philosophy is a thought-provoking degree which teaches you how to apply different methods of thinking to any given situation. It is an intellectually challenging course which will benefit both your professional and personal development, and may even take you in a direction you would have never considered before.’ Vanessa Azzopardi Legal Administrator, B.A. Communications with Philosophy (2004-2007)

As a Philosophy undergrad you get to think about stuff people don't usually think about. With the right mindset, you cultivate a knack for answering questions no one has thought of asking yet, making you an invaluable asset to any team. Coupled with the required skills, you are an attractive deal to any potential employer, be it a career in media, marketing, education, administration, IT, health, or what have you. The world truly is your oyster. Drinu Camilleri - editor, writer and musician

I graduated with a B.A. (Hons) in Philosophy in 2009, and like many other students I lunged into the ‘outside’ world wondering where exactly an Arts and Humanities graduate fits into the corporate workforce. In hindsight, I realise that I spent more time pondering on what I could possibly do after graduating, than actually looking for a job. By the time the graduation ceremony was held, I was working in an insurance company. I feel that during the application process, my Philosophy degree stood out, and it gave me an opportunity to offer an alternative perspective of the business conduct which the interviewing panel found intriguing. The Department of Philosophy at the University of Malta provides students with the opportunity to engage in discussion and debate, and encourages the expression of different viewpoints. I believe that this gave me the ability to converse clearly and logically with my peers and has been an extremely important factor in my career progression so far.

Joe Grima, Insurance Technical Officer

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