About us

The Department of Sociology at the University of Malta (UM) is a centre for the advanced study and practice of sociology and social studies.

Our work includes scholarly research, teaching of undergraduate students, and supervising M.A. and Ph.D. research students. We also service a number of UM Departments, Institutes and Programmes through the provision of lecturing, tutoring and supervision.

Our Department offers undergraduate General and Honours programmes in sociology as well as parallel equivalents in social studies. The social studies programme is more broad-based and encourages students to choose from a range of social-science fields including sociology, anthropology and geography. We offer a taught M.A. in Health, Medicine and Society that brings the medical humanities and social science fields together in a teaching programme that is as applied as it is scholarly. Finally, there is a well-established tradition of postgraduate (M.A. and Ph.D.) studies based on original field research.

Our resident academics represent a range of teaching and research interests. We are particularly strong in the sociology of islands, the labour market, medicine and health, art, cities, environmental movements, cosmopolitanism, and the habitat. Besides its resident staff complement, our Department regularly benefits from the services of practitioners of sociology and related areas residing in Malta.

Our Department maintains a healthy exchange of students (through programmes such as Erasmus+), teaching and research resources with higher institutions of learning worldwide. These mobilities often eventually translate into sustained postgraduate research abroad; recent examples include graduates of the Department who went on to successfully complete M.A. or Ph.D. programmes at the Universities of Sussex, Cambridge, Utrecht, Edinburgh and Keele. We actively seek to encourage students to engage with the labour market; the career paths followed by our graduates include journalism, statistics, teaching, management, marketing and the public service.