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Visiting Lecturer Professor Alfonso García Leal (Universidad de Oviedo) 

Professor Alfonso García Leal was a visiting lecturer at the Department in May 2019.

García Leal is Professor of Latin at the Universidad de Oviedo. At UM he taught on courses of Spanish Language. 


Visiting Lecturer Professor Víctor García Ruiz (Universidad de Navarra) 

Professor Víctor García Ruiz was a visiting lecturer at the Department in May 2019.

At UM García Ruiz, Professor of Spanish Literature at Universidad de Navarra, lectured in 20C Spanish literature with a focus on Federico García Lorca and Antonio Buero Vallejo.


Public Lecture: 'Reading Spain in Early Modern England'

On 7 May 2019, Dr Alexander Samson (University College London) delivered the lecture 'Reading Spain in Early Modern England' as part of the Faculty of Arts' Literature Research Seminars.

H.E. the Spanish Ambassador Consuelo Femenía opened the proceedings with a speech on Spain's culture during the Golden Age.


Visiting Lecturer Dr Alexander Samson (University College London)

Dr Alexander Samson was a visiting lecturer at the Department in May 2019.

Dr Samson is a Reader in Early Modern Studies in the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at University College London. During his visit to UM, Dr Samson lectured in Spanish Early-Modern literature and its reception in the rest of Europe.


Dept of Spanish and Latin American Studies hosts Instituto Cervantes's "Jornadas de información y formación para profesores ELE"

On 29 and 30 March 2019, the Dept of Spanish and Latin American Studies hosted a colloquium for teachers of Spanish organised with the Instituto Cervantes (Rome), the Spanish Embassy and Malta's Ministry for Education and Employment. The speakers of the colloquium were Juan Carlos Reche Cala (Director of the Instituto Cervantes in Rome) and members of the Department Alessia Cilia Portelli and J. A. Garrido Ardila.

 Juan Carlos Reche during his talk


The event was broadcasted by TVM, noting: 

The Head of the Department of Spanish Studies at the University of Malta, Professor Carmelo Vassallo, said that until five years ago, the Spanish language was the foreign language least chosen by the Maltese students in secondary . Today, it is second foreign language most selected after Italian.

At the beginning of this school year there were more than 2,500 students in secondary school who were studying Spanish. This trend is felt even at the tertiary level, where according to Professor Vassallo, the Spanish language is the one most chosen in the Bachelor of Arts.

However, Malta is one of seven countries members of the European Union where there is no Instituto Cervantes. The Instituto Cervantes was set up by the Spanish Government to promote culture and the teaching of the Spanish language, including Basque and Catalan.

The embassy in Malta Spain, invited the Director of the Instituto Cervantes in Rome, Juan Carlos Reche Cala, together with the University of Malta in a seminar to reinforce the learning of Spanish. The first step was a seminar for Spanish teachers.

"We are organizing this seminar to help teachers access information and tools that they can use in their classrooms. It is the first step to bring closer the Instituto Cervantes, Spain and Malta, "explained Reche Cala.

The Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages in the world with nearly six hundred million people mainly in the Central American countries and South America. In fact, Spanish is an official language in 21 countries most of which were Spanish colonies.


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