WISEflow on Campus FAQs

An exam which is to be held physically on Campus, making use of the WISEflow platform, is referred to as a WISEflow on Campus exam. For such exams, you will be required to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and specifically, students are to make use of their own laptop.

  1. Ensure that the laptop that you will use for the exams successfully connects to eduroam (UM Wi-Fi)   
  2. Ensure that your laptop is fully charged before each exam   
  3. Ensure that you have a working power supply should there be the need to recharge your laptop during the exam    
  4. Ensure to download and install the lockdown browser. 

All venues will be equipped with an electrical point for each student and Wi-Fi. You will be assigned to a specific venue and seat number for each exam.

Make sure that you bring:

  1. Your fully charged laptop that has eduroam and the Lockdown browser installed and set up
  2. The power supply should there be a need to recharge your laptop during the exam.

You are responsible for bringing and charging all the necessary equipment for your exam. If you do not have a laptop, please refer to FAQ 5.

IT support staff will be available on campus should the need arise. If you are experiencing technical difficulties such as loss of Wi-Fi or your laptop is no longer working, please inform the invigilator immediately to seek IT support.

Contact your Faculty Office for guidance. You should do so as soon as you become aware of the issue, and not less than 5 working days prior to the exam itself.

Inform the invigilator immediately, to seek IT support.

Once you have submitted your paper, the lockdown browser will close. Make sure that the paper has been submitted properly by logging back into WISEflow. Should this not be the case, you should immediately bring it to the attention of the invigilator present at the examination hall. You can also request a receipt for your exam submission. 

If you have submitted your work before the end of the exam, you should inform the invigilator that you would like to leave the exam venue. The invigilator will advise if and when you are able to leave.


For further queries about WISEflow, please refer to our Student FAQs or Staff FAQs.

This information is constantly being updated. You are therefore encouraged to refer to this document regularly. In case of interpretation the provisions in the relevant regulations and course bye-laws shall apply.


Office of the Registrar

16th May 2022