Studying behaviour of traditional roofs

Earth Observation for Historic Building Conservation and Sustainability (EO4HBCS)

Project financed by the Malta Council for Science & Technology, for and on behalf of the Foundation for Science and Technology, through the Space Research Fund.

This project is studying the behaviour of traditional unmodified roofs (built of limestone slabs on arches or beams, and with a lime-based water-proof coating), traditional modified roofs (with insulation, membranes, etc), and modern roofs, in Malta, as a test-bed for what happens in the wider Mediterranean. The research uses a combination of EO thermal (and other e.g. moisture) data with similar data obtained from UAVs and from direct measurements, also inside specifically chosen buildings. Monitoring the temperature and related parameters of modified and unmodified roofs, and comparing their behaviour also to modern roofs, will help understand the effects of modern 'adaptations' on general building behaviour and occupant well-being. It is utilising various remote sensing techniques as an important part of the study.

Project leader: Prof. JoAnn Cassar
Partner: Dr Charles Galdies
Research Support Officer: Ing. Elizabeth Muscat Azzopardi
Other participants: Heritage Malta, Restoration Directorate (Malta)