Evaluation of the behaviour of the shelters over megalithic temples

Evaluation of the behaviour of the shelters of the Megalithic Temples of Malta and to understand the effects of sheltering on salt weathering on stone

This project has two main, closely integrated aims:

  • Studying the effects of salt weathering on stone, and its modelling, to define precisely how the salts present within the Globigerina Limestone megaliths at the Prehistoric Temples of Malta are bringing about their deterioration, and gathering information on possible rates of deterioration. This is based on a large number of existing studies on Globigerina Limestone and its deterioration and environmental and related data collected over the years at the sites.
  • Environmental monitoring and the modelling of data (past and present) to understand how the climate has changed in the Temple sites since the erection of the shelters. This is based on a vast array of data collected at the sites over the years, which monitoring is still continuing. New data is also being collected in direct relation to this research.

In collaboration with Heritage Malta

Project participants
Project leader: Prof. JoAnn Cassar
Project participants: Dr Ing. Daniel Micallef
Research Support Officer: Mantas Valantinavicius
Heritage Malta: Dr Josef Caruana