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Research Collaboration in Materials Engineering and Sustainable Construction: 
Faculty for the Built Environment - J M Vassallo Vibro Blocks.

Following years of collaboration between the Faculty for the Built Environment and J M Vassallo Vibro Blocks, a new collaborative agreement has been set up, focusing on research in materials engineering, construction products and their performance and sustainable construction. JM Vassallo Vibro Blocks Limited (JMV) was established in 1969, and today is recognised as one of Malta’s leading suppliers of quality construction products and structural elements. The research collaboration framework was set up already some years ago between the University’s Department for Construction and Property Management and J M Vassallo Vibro Blocks and was launched during the Construction Materials National Conference in 2013. The research in materials engineering addresses traditional building materials and systems, and also innovative products and technologies developed for both the local and international markets, from concrete additives to new construction systems. Whilst the agreement addresses a wide range of construction materials and systems, research activity targets in particular new systems intended for an improved overall building performance including durability and energy efficiency. The research shall also address the load bearing modular sandwich panel systems (EVG-3D Construction System) based on EPS, steel mesh and concrete, produced in Malta by  J M Vassallo Vibro Blocks under the licence and patent of EVG Austria. The system is intended to address strength characteristics and durability, and an improved energy and environmental performance. The research work addresses the engineering and environmental performance of the materials, the production and construction systems and processes, the performance of the system and sustainable construction principles. Besides the materials engineering and performance assessment, the research addresses also life-cycle engineering and service life considerations through Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Cost assessment. Further information about the collaborative research project can be obtained from the project coordinator, Dr. Ruben Paul Borg, e mail;, Faculty for the Built Environment, University of Malta. 



From left to right: Dr. Joseph Spiteri (Head of Department, Construction & Property Management),  Prof. Alex. Torpiano (Dean, Faculty for the Built Environment),  Prof. Juanito Camilleri (Rector),  Mr. Raymond Vassallo (Director, J M Vassallo Vibro Blocks),  Dr. Ruben Paul Borg (Project Coordinator, Faculty for the Built Environment),  Mr. Mark Vassallo (Quality Manager, J M Vassallo Vibro Blocks),  Perit Andrew Psaila (Executive Architect, J M Vassallo Vibro Blocks).

Last Updated: 16 June 2015

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