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 The LifeMedGreenRoof project

Ample information is available in temperate countries on the performance of green roofs; however in the Mediterranean region such data is incomplete.   Green roofs are an important tool in mitigating problems related to the urban environment.  Green roofs provide a number of benefits including-
  • Insulating buildings against heat and cold 
  • Reducing the urban heat island effect
  • Buffering noise and filtering airborne contaminants
  • Habitat creation for wildlife
  • Mitigating localized flooding
  • Increasing amenity space and increasing  property value
  • Increasing the aesthetic value of urban environments
  • Increasing economic activity and green jobs
  • Increasing environmental awareness
  • Increasing the life span of the damp proof membrane and building structure
  • Increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic panels
The aim of the LifeMedGreenRoof project is to study the performance of green roofs in the local context and ascertain how these can contribute towards meeting energy and environmental targets.  The goal is to encourage the dissemination of green roof technology over the local territory.  A circa 750m2 green roof will be constructed over the Faculty for the Built Environment.  The scope of the green roof is to demonstrate to the stake holders that it pays to install a green roof.  The actions of the project include:
  1. Researching the creation of a growing medium suitable for the local scenario.  
  2. Identifying native plants for use in green roofs.
  3. Opening the demonstration green roof to the public and utilize it as an open-air laboratory.  
  4. Demonstrating the insulation properties of green roofs
  5. Demonstrating the flood mitigation properties
  6. Developing national standards on green roofs
  7. Developing a draft green roof guidance document.  
The University of Malta has joined forces with three local and foreign well respected institutions which are highly proficient in their field of work.  The institutions include:
  • The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA); the public authority responsible for the preparation and adoption of National, European and International standards.  
  • MACLAB (MAC); an Italian agricultural and research laboratory located in Lombardy.  
  • The Fondazione Minoprio (FM); a non-profit-making research and educational corporation located in Lombardy.
The project will be running till 31 July 2017.


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Last Updated: 18 August 2014

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