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The Dean’s List Award Scheme for the Faculty for the Built Environment was launched by the Faculty Board
in 2015. The three awardees who are being recognized this evening are, as a result, the first three names to
be inscribed in our Dean’s List. 

Most other Faculties reward academic performance, giving prizes either to the those who obtain the highest
marks in their respective disciplines, or who achieve a particularly high grade in their assessments.
After long discussions at Faculty Board, however, our Faculty decided that outstanding academic
performance would not be a sufficient critierion for inscribing in our Dean’s List. The Faculty Board argued
that obtaining high marks, after all, was already intrinsically “rewarded” by the degree classification at the
end of a particular degree programme. The Faculty Board was strongly of the conviction that the time
students spend at University should not be limited to studying, but should be an opportunity for immersing
oneself in the world beyond academia. These extra-curricular activities are, we believe, what best informs
personality and social awareness.

The Dean’s List Award Scheme of the Faculty for the Built Environment therefore rewards those students
who actively participate in, or make a tangible contribution, to an extra-curricular event, be it sports activity,
cultural activity, or participation in the student community or in voluntary work, whilst maintaining high
academic standards. In fact, only students who obtain a minimum year average of 75% can be considered for
the award – and 75% as a year average is a mean feat in itself. As our first awardees, 2014-2015, the 
Faculty announces:

Mr.Zach Muscat, who, during his Third (final) Year of the course leading to the BSc in Built Environment
Studies, was a top footballer with one of the top soccer clubs on the island, Birkirkara FC, and who formed
part of the senior Malta football team. Mr.Muscat kept to a rigorous training schedule, without ever asking
for special consideration, and without lowering his academic standards. His football ability led to an offer of
an engagement with a football team in Siciliy, and consequently, he could not proceed to the Master degree
programme which would eventually lead him to professional architectural or civil engineering status. He
suspended his full-time studies. However, in order not to abandon his academic studies, he enrolled in a part time
Masters by research programe. His ability to balance the demands of a top-level sports career and the
demands of academic studies.

Ms.Katrina Gauci, and Mr.Julian Vassallo, formed part of the Organising Committee of the EASA 2015, in
Malta. EASA is the European Architecture Students’ Assembly, and every year, tha Assembly organizes a
major summer school in one of the member countries, which attracts more than 500 of the more talented
architecture students in Europe. The local EASA team comprised other members, who are, or were, students
of our Faculty, including one who took a complete year off his studies to concentrate on the promotion and
organisation of the event. However, in accordance with our Faculty’s rules, participation in significant extracurricular
activities should not preclude a strong academic performance; and in the case of Katrina and Julian,
then in their First Year of a demanding Master of Architecture degree programme, managed to achieve the
required balance.
Nominations for the Dean’s List Award Scheme for 2015-2016 are open. If you know of any one of your
colleagues whom you know is actively involved in significant extra-curricular activities, of the appropriate
level, whilst at the same time doing well in the course, please submit their names.




Last Updated: 14 December 2016

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