Design Project Briefs

Design Project Briefs


Semester 1 2020/21

B.Sc. (HONS.) in Built Environment Studies:

BEN2101: TBA


OCC A - Design of a pedestrian footbridge over December 13th Road, Marsa: here

OCC B - International architectural competition for a yoga house on a cliff: here

OCC C - Providing (micro)housing for the homeless: here

OCC D - Retrofitting Green and Blue Infrastructure: here


OCC A - Long-span Roof Canopy: here

OCC B - Architectural Detailing: TBA

OCC C - Transforming Urban Open Spaces into Green Infrastructure: Master Planning the Space: TBA

OCC D - Designing Building Services for a Small Building: TBA


M. Engineering: 

CVE5101 / CVE5103 - Project 1: here

CVE5102 - Project 1: here


Semester 2 2020/21

B.Sc.  (HONS.) in Built Environment Studies:

BEN2102: TBA

BEN2103: TBA

BEN3103: TBA


M. Architecture / M. Engineering: 

CVE5101 - Project 2: TBA

CVE5102 - Project 2: TBA 

CVE5103 - Project 2: TBA