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Master Degree in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation (CEBI) is again offering the Masters Programme in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship starting in October 2020. This program is aimed at graduates and professionals who aspire to launch successful knowledge-based entrepreneurial ventures.

This course was designed for Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Media, Communications and Humanities graduates interested in launching their own business start-ups. However, of the 120 students who have graduated from the course to date those from the professional adviser disciplines of law and accountancy have found it particularly valuable as have others from diverse backgrounds including engineers, physicians and soldiers. 

This innovative, hands-on course is held over a period of three semesters full-time with face-to-face tuition imparted over four week-long intensive training periods, during the first part of the course, coupled with intensive personal mentoring sessions during the subsequent dissertation period.  Topics covered include an Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Risk Management, People and Project Management, Market Research, Raising Business Finance (Debt and Equity) and Business Planning. A mentored project allows students to develop a feasibility study on a business of their choice, which leads to a final project consisting of a detailed business plan and funding presentation that can be applied in real life. The study units are taught by foreign and local lecturers with assessment by progress tests and written assignments related to the production of business documents. The course was developed in conjunction with the technology-transfer unit of Oxford University.

A detailed overview of the Master in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship course may be found here whereas the Programme and Study Unit Descriptions may be found here.

Students who have been accepted for this Master Programme have the option to terminate their studies following the completion of 60 ECTS study units, and in this case will be awarded the Diploma in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship. On the other hand, these students may opt to terminate their studies having obtained 30 ECTS credits, including the first study-unit, and in this case shall be awarded a Certificate in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship. (Students shall only be eligible for one award – the highest – through this degree programme.)

The shortest duration over which this degree programme can be completed shall be three consecutive semesters in the same academic year on a full-time basis. However, applicants can choose to follow this course on a part-time basis from five semesters to eleven semesters.

The following table shows lectures schedule for academic year 2020-2021

Module Study Unit Module Title

Intensive Week 

1 & 2 EBI5001

Introduction to Entrepreneurship 

26 to 30 Oct 20
3 EBI5002

Creativity and Innovation - From ideas to products and Services

14 to 18 Dec 20
4 EBI5003

Marketing and Strategy for Entrepreneurs

14 to 18 Dec 20
5 EBI5004 Business Planning for Entrepreneurs

25 to 29 Jan 21

6 EBI5005

Enterprise Finance - Funding for Growth 

25 to 29 Jan 21
7 EBI5006

Risk Management - Products and Projects 

15 to 19 Mar 21  
8 EBI5007

Performance Management - People and Organisations 

15 to 19 Mar 21
9 EBI5000

Mentored Entrepreneurship Project 

Semester 1 to 2
10 EBI5008

Final Entrepreneurship Project 

Semester 3

Lectures start at 0830 and till 1700 for the duration of each of the four intensive training weeks. 

Lectures are held at the Aula Prima at the Valletta University Campus.

Eligibility Criteria

Prospective candidates should be in possession of a Bachelor degree with at least Second Class (Honours) or Category ll in the areas of Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Media, Communications, and the Humanities, or in any area which the CEBI Board deems as appropriate. Applicants in possession of a Bachelor degree with Third Class Honours or Category lll in the areas of Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Media, Communications, and the Humanities may apply if they are also in possession of other qualifications or at least 5 years of relevant work experience, obtained following the first cycle degree.

In exceptional circumstances and under certain conditions, applicants who are not in possession of the qualifications indicated above may also be considered if they submit a letter of motivation and a detailed curriculum vitae showing evidence of considerable experience and achievement. The admission of applicants may be made conditional  to the results of an assessment as the CEBI Board may deem appropriate.  

The programme has been accepted into the Malta Enterprise 'Get Qualified' scheme. Students who apply separately under the 'Get Qualified' scheme may be granted tax rebates up to 70% of the course fees.

The University will accept online applications until 30th September 2020, earlier applications are subject to lower application fee (information about application fees can be found here).

Interested applicants can apply by following the instructions below:  

1) Go to the webpage 

2) Click [Start]

3) Select [Postgraduate Studies], [Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation] and [Master in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship]

4) Click [proceed].

This will take you a login page.

Click [New User] and fill in the details on the next form that appears.

Further information is available by contacting CEBI by email: or by telephone: +356 2340 3758/3781.  

Last Updated: 27 May 2020

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