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Fawwara Centre

Located in the picturesque surroundings of Fawwara, Siggiewi, the Fawwara Centre is a multipurpose education and research centre managed by CEER. The space is a site for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and a place for research on environmental education and sustainability. The Fawwara Centre comprises a specialised reference library on ESD and other relevant themes, student workstations and office spaces. It is also surrounded by two plots of land that are also managed by CEER. This unique setup makes the Fawwara Centre an optimal space for conducting research and environmental education initiatives, not least due to its location and surroundings, which by their very own nature help bridge the gap between the often separate worlds of research, practice and education for sustainable development.

Amongst the various initiatives held at the Fawwara Centre, CEER has hosted a number of open days, bringing together staff members, their families, students, volunteers and community members to engage with contemporary environmental issues and explore sustainable solutions. In Fawwara, CEER also runs an environmental education project inspired by permaculture design principles which explores different techniques that aim to create food harvests through sustainable methods that protect surrounding ecosystems and enrich long-term soil fertility.


While a lot of work has already been done to develop the far-reaching potential of the Fawwara Centre, CEER readily acknowledges that the centre is still in its relative infancy, and there is significant room for furthering its scope and accessibility. In this respect CEER is completely committed to build upon the work of the past and to extend the space’s use in the line with its mission to promote ESD and ESD research. CEER envisages the Fawwara Centre to become a research hub that serves as a physical place of contact between different entities, connecting people with similar research and educational interests, facilitating the forging of new networks and serving as a breeding ground for new ideas and initiatives in ESD and ESD research.


CEER welcomes any opportunities to collaborate with civil society partners and organisations on projects that are congruent with its ESD mission and vision. To get in touch with CEER, or for further information on the Fawwara Centre please email:
Last Updated: 28 April 2016

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