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The Centre for English Language Proficiency (CELP) promotes English language proficiency among UM students, assists in language policy implementation with special reference to English, and conducts research on English language proficiency and TESOL.

We co-ordinate the English Communicative Aptitude (ECA) programme, offer a number of study-units on English language proficiency, and run an international M.A. in TESOL. As millions of students around the world respond to the realisation that English plays a crucial role in achieving personal and professional success, they are investing in their education by making English a priority in their lives. Nationally, CELP serves as a pillar of support for UM students and aims to raise awareness that English fluency is an important part of personal and professional development, affecting both their studies and future employability. Acting as a foundation to education and economic prosperity, English has a distinct role in society; it is part of students’ identity but also their passport to the rest of the world.

Functioning within a remit of service and support, we engage directly with all UM faculties, institutes and centres, providing consultation, tuition, and evaluation. Students participating in CELP’s ECA programme and study-units become more aware of quality standards in written and oral communication. They are guided and instructed on how to develop ways to monitor and edit their writing and how to become autonomous learners. Their confidence in communicating in English will increase through enhanced exposure and tuition.

We also cater for the needs of English Language Teaching professionals working in international education contexts. Through close collaboration with industry stakeholders, we offer the M.A. TESOL programme (full-time and part-time) that prepares students for a wide variety of academic and leadership positions.

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