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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Will the 12 ECTS credits be part of the 60 ECTS credits of the course programme on which I am enrolled? 

No. The 12 ECTS credits are part of your allocation of extra study-units and will be over and above the programme allocation.

2.    What happens when I go on an Erasmus+ study period?

Depending on when you go on Erasmus, an agreement will be reached on when to take the unit you will be missing. Please contact CELP’s secretary immediately once you are accepted to go on an Erasmus+ study period.

3.    What happens if I fail one of the study-units?

Apart from the first sit following the completion of the study-unit, you are entitled to 3 resits.

4.    What happens if I miss a lecture because I am unwell?

Attendance is compulsory; therefore, a medical certificate is required in order to justify your absence. This medical certificate should be presented to CELP’s secretary upon your return to university.

5.    Will ‘adult learners’ who are admitted in terms of regulation 6(c) of the Admissions Regulations be required to participate in the NAE?

Yes, unless you were required to take an English proficiency test prior to admission to particular courses.

6.    Will an IGCSE in English or equivalent qualification be considered for exemption from the ECA?

No. All students who have obtained an English qualification at MQF level 3 are  required to participate in the NAE.

7.    I was notified that I am exempt from the ECA programme but still feel that it would be of great benefit to me. Could I still enrol on the programme?

Yes, you may still follow the programme. Address your query to CELP’s secretary .

8.    Will I be expected to work out tasks outside the ECA classroom?

No. All oral and written tasks will be worked out in class. The philosophy of the programme focuses on constant practice in the controlled and safe environment offered by the classroom. However, should you feel that you wish to extend the tasks beyond the ECA session, we will be happy to provide you with feedback.

9.    Where can I find the four ECA study-unit descriptions?

Links to ELP1010, ELP1020, ELP2010 and ELP2020

10.    What if the ECA timetable slot clashes with one of the study-units from my course?

Please contact CELP’s secretary and she will give you an alternate slot.

11.    I have placements/fieldwork/seminars as part of my course. What happens to the ECA sessions that I might have to miss?

Please contact CELP’s secretary and the issue will be tackled on a case-by-case basis.

12.    Whom do we contact for further details or clarification regarding the ECA programme and/or NAE?

Please contact CELP’s secretary.

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Last Updated: 22 June 2017

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