The main purpose of the Needs Analysis Exercise (NAE) is to identify gaps in students' use of English.

The NAE will identify whether a student requires further work in key language skills, such as the ability to communicate effectively, summarise, organise ideas coherently and cohesively, as well as select appropriate and context specific vocabulary and register. This information will be collected by means of a number of reading/writing tasks.

The following list outlines some of the tasks that might feature in the NAE:
  • summary of an expository text
  • paraphrase of a short text
  • free writing task responding to a given cue (such as a short text, letter, a situation, etc.)
  • response to a newspaper editorial/article
  • email requesting /providing information; making a complaint
  • article identifying the pros and cons of an argument presented in a text
  • paragraph identifying the trends, processes or main features in a diagram.
The rationale for focussing on the above list of tasks is to reflect both students’ previous encounters with different reading and writing contexts, and to gauge their English communicative aptitude for university.

Download a copy of the NAE specimen paper.  

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