SEA-EU English A1

SEA-EU Virtual Learning Platform Initiative 

ELP0001 - SEA-EU English Proficiency A1


Course overview:
These English language courses are open to university students and staff from countries represented by SEA-EU (Universities in Malta, Cadiz (Spain), Kiel (Germany), Gdansk (Poland), Split (Croatia) and Brest (France)). More information can be found at:
The courses are for students and staff who are at level (CEFR) A1.1 (absolute beginner). You can use this form to assess your CEFR level.
The courses will all be delivered online using Zoom. Each course is 20 contact hours.
The course will accept 3 students from each participating country on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, the maximum number of students is 15 for each course.
Participants must apply for the course using their official university email address
Course outcomes:
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • say the alphabet, days of the week, months of the year and number 1 - 100
  • enquire after, understand and fill a form with a person’s name when spelled out, where the person is from and what faculty they are in. 
  • use and respond to common greetings and salutations
  • use and understand basic forms of 10 common action verbs (sit, stand, come, go, say, stop, make, do, fill in, cross out/delete) and conjugate the verb ‘to be’ in the present simple.
  • use and understand vocabulary for locations on a campus.
  • (staff) understand the form, meaning and use of common office equipment (e.g. stapler, eraser, photocopier, ...)
  • (students) understand the form, meaning and use of common classroom instructions (repeat, read, write, ...)

Course Details 
Course 1 for Staff - 4 Oct 21 – 5 Nov 21 - Thursdays/Fridays (18:00 – 20:15)
Course 2 for Students -  8 Nov 21 – 10 Dec 21 - Tuesdays/Thursdays (18:00 – 20:15)
Course 3 for Students -  28 Feb 22 – 01 Apr 22 - Tuesdays/Thursdays (18:00 – 20:15)
Course 4 for Staff - 04 Apr 22 – 06 May 22 - Tuesdays/Thursdays (18:00 – 20:15)
For queries, please contact: