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Centre for English Language Proficiency
Symposium Series on English Language Use in Malta
4th CELP Symposium
English Language Testing and Assessment
Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry, Valletta
Thursday, 23rd February 2017

The Centre for English Language Proficiency (CELP) is organising the fourth one-day symposium on English Language Use in Malta. The theme for this year’s event is research on language testing and assessment. With the increasing importance given to English language testing and assessment internationally and locally, the symposium will explore how learners’ language knowledge and production can be assessed. Such research has the potential to improve instruction, materials writing, and language learning strategies. 
This Symposium Series recognises the significance of the English language in diverse educational, professional and cultural contexts in Malta. It also acknowledges the ongoing debates on the role of English language use nationally. The symposium provides a forum for a discussion on the most recent relevant research, but also a space where different stakeholders can come together to help identify and address some of the issues involved. The rapid growth of English worldwide underscores the fact that a proficient command of the language is fundamental. Given the emphasis placed on high levels of proficiency as a means of achieving professional, academic and personal success, the symposium showcases some of the research conducted locally and internationally on English language testing and assessment. It also serves as a platform for a discussion on how to conduct rigorous and valid research on the language produced by learners in Malta. In addition, the symposium is meant to lead to a reflection on how the findings generated by such research can be utilised by language teaching professionals and applied to language learning contexts.
The 4th CELP Symposium will consist of two keynote talks, a workshop and a number of 20-minute presentations followed by a 10-minute discussion. At the end of the day participants will be asked to engage in a 15-minute discussion on the main issues presented at the symposium.

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