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CrossLenten reflections are organised by the University Chaplaincy for university students and young professionals. We usually choose people who know how to convey the gospel message to young people in a simple, fresh and challenging way. Facilitators have included Fr Karm Debattista MSSP, Fr Paul Chetcuti sj, Fr Marcello Ghirlando ofm, and the Archbishop. All are welcome!

Another course of Lenten reflections is organised in Maltese for staff members.

During Holy Week we organise Lenten Reflections in English. These reflections are open particularly to members of staff and other professionals. Preachers have included Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, Fr John MacDade sj, Fr Jack Finnegan OSB, Mrs Margareth Hebbletwaithe, Ms Frances Hogan, Fr Michael Paul Gallagher and Fr Pete van Breemen sj.This year talks were delivered by Fr Brian Pierce OP.

Degree Plus Voluntary Work Summer Programme
Voluntary work will be offered during the summer period. 
Faith & Politics Workshop

The next Venice Faith and Politics Workshop will take place from the 19th till the 26th of August, 2018 in Venice, Italy. 

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