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Silence is not only golden, but can also be healing. For what better setting can one find if not the stillness of silence, to reflect on one’s life, get closer to God, relax in his presence, and find oneself.

All this can be done in the directed retreats organised by University Chaplaincy. Throughout the year, Weekend retreats are offered regularly. Those who are at a crossroads in their life are given the opportunity to stop, think, pray and listen to that hidden voice which is showing them the way.

The Chaplain, and the other Jesuits, are available to direct weekend retreats in silence during the year.


Lenten Talks (Eżerċizzi)
Once again, University Chaplaincy will this year be organizing three sets of Lenten Talks.
Easter Triduum
Easter Services will once again be held at the University Chaplaincy. 
Last Updated: 3 December 2017

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