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University of Malta introduces Programme in the Liberal Arts and Sciences
Quality • Flexibility • Opportunity

The University of Malta's new flagship Programme in the Liberal Arts and Sciences (PLAS) offers an excellent opportunity for personal and professional development and provides a flexible route to University Awards. PLAS targets mainly, although not exclusively, adult and returning learners. 
Liberal arts and sciences courses and programmes have been increasing over the last few years in Europe, particularly in the UK and Northern European institutions. 'Liberal education' developed into a philosophy of education that empowers individuals with a breadth of knowledge and transferable skills, as well as a stronger sense of civic engagement. 

The University of Malta Programme in the Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a broad range of 'stand alone' Units in such diverse areas as archaeology, economics, the art of wine-making, history, literature, culture, conservation, philosophy, public policy, migration, music, biology, medicine, earth systems, marketing, art, astronomy, sociology, politics, chemistry, architecture, law, photography, and more.

Students have the opportunity to study at their own pace. PLAS is an innovative programme because students get to choose their own topics for study from the range of Units offered and the 'bite-size' approach provides maximum flexibility in terms of attendance. 

The Programme allows participants to use accumulated units to achieve a Certificate, a Diploma, a Higher Diploma and a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, without any limits of time. This allows the possibility for a person to take on more Units at a less busy time in life and to decrease the pace at demanding times. 30 ECTS credits lead to a Certificate in Liberal Studies; 60 ECTS credits to a Diploma in Liberal Studies; 120 ECTS credits lead to a Higher Diploma in Liberal Studies, while 180 ECTS credits lead to a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies.

PLAS Units are open to any person who has the ability to follow such Units with profit. Acceptance may be subject to a short interview, and certain qualifications and/or experience may be specified for particular units. The Programme may be of interest to adult learners who would like to start or continue their university education, whether to follow their personal interests or for the purpose of professional development. For example, an accomplished business person may simply wish to follow a Unit in archaeology or photography, while a science graduate may be interested in taking up economics or the art of winemaking, a homemaker with no previous opportunity of studying at tertiary level may now choose from a wide range of topics and cumulatively obtain a formal qualification– the opportunities are many.

Students may register for any and as many individual PLAS Units of their choice, depending on their availability, interests and needs. Each PLAS Unit has a value of 4 or 8 ECTS credits and is assessed mainly through assignments, which may include seminars, presentations, field work and visits. Units of 4 ECTS credits normally involve 24-28 hours of teaching, usually spread over 14 weeks (one 2-hr session per week); Units of 8 ECTS credits normally involve 48-56 hours of teaching, usually spread over 14 weeks (two 2-hr sessions per week). Lectures will normally be held between 1800hrs and 2000hrs at the Main Campus (Msida) or the Valletta Campus, to allow applicants working full-time to follow PLAS Units. Assignments must be done for accreditation to be given. However, one may attend lectures/seminars and choose not to be assessed, although the same application procedures and fees apply in this case.

These fees apply: 4 ECTS credits Units: €180; 8 ECTS credits Units: €360. The same fees apply for Maltese, EU and non-EU nationals. Payments must be made through the online application process. On successful submission of the application form, one will be sent an email confirming that payment was received. Fees are fully refunded only if the Unit is not offered due to an insufficient number of applicants or if the applicant is not accepted to follow the Unit after a short interview.

Online applications for Units being offered in October 2014 will be received from now through mid-September. 

An FAQs section is available online.

The Hon. Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education and Employment
Prof. Juanito Camilleri, Rector, University of Malta
Dr Jean-Paul De Lucca, Director, Centre for the Liberal Arts and Sciences

Contact Details: 
Centre for the Liberal Arts and Sciences 
30, Esperanto Street

Telephone: +356 2340 3772, +356 2340 3772

CLAS Launch
from left to right: The Hon. Evarist Bartolo, Professor Juanito Camilleri, Dr Jean Paul De Lucca and Dr Mifsud

Units to be Offered in October 2014
1. LAS 1001 Prehistory to the Byzantine Times: Malta’s Archaeology
2. LAS 1002 A Short History of the Universe: The Big Bang to the Dinosaurs
3. LAS 1003 Patterns of Human Geography: The Maltese Scenario
4. LAS 1004 Lighting up the Skies: The Chemistry of Fireworks
5. LAS 1005 Health, Food and Lifestyle
6. LAS 1006 Exploring Malta’s Mediascape 
7. LAS 1007 The Maltese Legal System: An Introduction
8. LAS 1008 Dante’s Divine Comedy
9. LAS 1009 Nature Photography
10. LAS 1010 Beekeeping and the Art of Honey Making 
11. LAS 1011 The Environment: Issues and Challenges 
12. LAS 1012 Preserving our Treasures 
13. LAS 1013 Social Research Methods 
14. LAS 1014 History of Art from Giotto to Cézanne
15. LAS 2001 Classics and the Cinema
16. LAS 2002 Under the Waves: Our Sea in Focus
17. LAS 2003 The Art of Winemaking
18. LAS 2004 Psychology of the Family and Sexuality
19. LAS 2005 Focusing on the Human in Human Resource Management
20. LAS 2006 Centre Stage: Celebrating Women in Music 
Full descriptions available on


Click here to view the timetable and venues for Units commencing in October 2018. 

Intro Meeting Presentations
Click here to view the presentations by the SIMS Office and the Library Services delivered during the Introductory Meeting.
PLAS Testimonial Videos

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PLAS Gift Voucher Facility
A mindful gift - short courses for relatives, friends & colleagues.
Parking Permit for PLAS Students
PLAS students can apply for a parking permit through the KSU website. Click here for more info.
Statute, Regulations Guidelines
Click here for Centre's Statute, Programme's Regulations, and Liberal Studies Awards Guidelines
PLAS Nature Photography Exhibition
Click here for more information on the PLAS Nature Photography Exhibition
LAS2100 Research Project
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PLAS Introductory Meeting Presentations

Click here to access the presentations delivered during the PLAS Introductory Meeting.

The Programme in the Liberal Arts and Sciences
The University of Malta’s new flagship Programme in the Liberal Arts and Sciences ...
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