PLAS tech units

A cluster of ICT-related hands-on Units are also offered within the University’s Programme in the Liberal Arts and Sciences (PLAS). The rationale of these Units is to respond to the need for ICT professionals to enrich their academic education with focused expertise on a selection of current and emerging software technologies and tools. These Units should serve as a practical supplement to the theoretical and concept-oriented academic degree programmes, and provide an opportunity for local ICT companies to participate in the training of ICT students, professionals or even members of the public for proficiency in their preferred choice of technologies.

The introduction of PLAS at the University presents a practical framework and an opportunity to meet such industry demands. Besides the Units from a broad range of areas in the arts and the sciences on offer in the Programme, this cluster of Units offers a selection of technically-oriented, hands-on Units that focus on current and emerging software technologies and tools. These Units will be considered as part of PLAS and the ECTS credits obtained for any of these Units will be valid towards a PLAS award.

The PLAS Tech Units are particularly relevant for:
  • practitioners who want to learn about cutting-edge technologies
  • IT companies seeking opportunities to train their employees in the use of new technologies which they may plan to adopt
  • students from the University of Malta, MCAST and other academic institutions who wish to supplement their academic knowledge with hands-on training
  • members of the general public who already have a technical background and want to learn specialised technologies.

PLAS Tech Units students are required to bring their own laptops to lectures.

The two Units on offer in Semester 1 (October 2019 - January 2020):

Extreme Java Development
Dr Josef Bajada



Audio Engineering: An Introduction

Mr Elvio Cauchi


Timetable & Lecture Venues


Visit the page with full details on the fees. Several PLAS Tech Units are included in the GetQualified scheme. However, as a prospective student make your own inquiries before registering.

Need  more information on the PLAS Tech Units?
Contact the PLAS Tech Units Coordinators:

Dr Sandro SpinaDr Kevin Vella (Department of Computer Science)

PLAS Tech Units offered in previous semesters included:

Data X - An Introduction to Data Science: Storage, Visualization and Analysis

Enterprise Architecture
Mr Jonathan Jones

Single Page Applications: A Pragmatic Approach

Network Penetration Testing

The Spring Framework

3D Modeling and Visualisation using Maya

Data Science for Business

Reactive Microservices with Akka, Kafka and Docker

Video game design and development with Unity

Blockchain and Smart Contract Programming


Software Test Automation and Continuous Integration