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LAS1001 Prehistory to Byzantine Times: Malta's Archaeology Prof. Anthony Bonanno
LAS1003 Patterns in Human Geography: The Maltese Scenario Prof. John A. Schembri
LAS1005 Health, Food and Lifestyle Dr Anna McElhatton
LAS1007 The Maltese Legal System: An Introduction Prof. Kevin Aquilina
LAS1008 Dante's Divine Comedy Dr Karl Chircop
LAS1012 Preserving our Treasures Prof. JoAnn Cassar
LAS1014 History of Art from Giotto to Cézanne Prof. Keith Sciberras
LAS1013 Social Research Methods Ms Angele Deguara
LAS1022 Il-Malti tul iż-Żmien Prof. Joseph M. Brincat
LAS1042 Malta: People and History II Dr Mark Aloisio
LAS1062 The Blockchain World: An Introduction Dr Joshua Ellul
LAS2001 Classics and the Cinema Mr Carmel Serracino
LAS2004 Psychology of the Family and Sexuality Dr Nicholas Briffa/Ms Claire Casha
LAS2030 Interpreting Music Culture: Multimodality, MTV and the Eurovision Dr George Cremona
LAS2039 Education Policy Development in Malta: What can we Learn? Dr Alexander Spiteri
LAS2040 Leaving No-One Behind: Public Health through the Looking Glass Dr Jason Attard/Dr Daniel Cauchi
LAS1032 Opera, Symphony and Ballet in Russia Dr Joseph Lia
LAS1034 Plants, Insects, Birds and Man Prof. David Mifsud

PLAS Tech Units
LAS3006 Extreme Java Development Dr Josef Bajada
LAS3015 3D Modeling and Visualisation using Maya Dr Suzanne-Marie Psaila
LAS3019 Blockchain and Smart Contract Programming Dr Joshua Ellul


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*NEW* PLAS Units on offer in October 2018
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