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Dance on the Move – with Dance Artist Sarah Vella

Dance Artist Sarah Vella – 22 November 2016  

Dance Studies Studios at 20:00 – EUR 15 / EUR 12 dance studies students

For bookings contact


Class description

This class encourages the participants to take their own decisions, so they can find their own way of playing with quality, musicality and dynamics and strengthen their individual expression as a performer. We will start with a warm-up, which gently and gradually increases the energy, emphasizing on continuous movement, flow and activating the fluids in the joints. Floor work and improvisation exercises (sometimes even in partners) will be an important part of the class. We will focus on the relationship with the floor and smooth transitions from up to down, exploring different ways of moving and breaking out of ones' 'usual' way of moving. This will then lead to physical phrases/shorter exercises designed to provide strength, stamina, coordination, stability and musicality. In the last part of the class, the participants will learn a combination that tunes the mind to possible approaches to space, the music and other dancers. The class encourages dancers to reach their limits, express themselves and dance without fear and hesitation using their physicality and full energy.  


Sarah Vella is a Maltese dance artist and speech therapist, currently living in Berlin. After graduating with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Speech Therapy, she moved to London to study at 'Laban Conservatoire of Dance'. As a choreographer, she has won awards in Malta and Italy. Over the years, Sarah has also done community work through choreographing and teaching dance in rehabilitation centres and youth groups and with 'Teatru Zazz', Malta, on a youth project that was presented as part of the 'Marinando' festival in Italy. Sarah performed with 'Red Tape Dance Company' in Malta and since moving to Berlin, she has worked on various dance and film projects including, few with JSLN productions, Matteo Graziano in the Opera 'William Tell' and 'Gauge Dance Theater'. In 2013, her choreography 'Iż-Żifna tal-Poeta' was performed in Malta for the Notte Bianca Festival (2013) and was premiered in Berlin as part of the 'Nah Dran series' in July 2014. This project was funded by the Malta Arts Fund. This performance was later accepted to be performed as part of the '100Grad Berlin Festival' in March 2015. In December 2014, Sarah took part in a month-long dance residency program (Play Practice Apprenticeship Program) in Bangalore, India where her main focus was to work on authenticity on stage when creating and improvising and the relationship between the dancer/performer and the public audience. In August 2015 and July 2016, Sarah was teaching and leading choreographic workshops in Malta and she was back in Gozo (Malta) teaching contemporary as a guest teacher during 'Living Dance' in September 2015. She will return as a guest teacher in September 2016. Her solo creation 'Lament', was performed in Berlin at the Kulturwerkstadt in Charlottenburg at the end of September 2015. Sarah is currently working on a new production 'ME(et) YOU' with Norwegian dance artist, Lisa Bysheim and collaborating with a Norwegian musician and French filmographer. The performance will tour in Norway, Malta and Berlin (2016/2017). She is also currently studying 'Dance and Movement Therapy' and continues to work as a freelance dance artist and speech therapist in Berlin.

Lisa Colette Bysheim is a Norwegian dancer and choreographer based in Bergen, Norway. She creates and performs her own dance performances and works for other artists and choreographers. Through solo works and collaborations with other dance artists an area of interest has been the body; how it is treated and viewed through the different experiences we carry with us. Bysheim is interested in revealing and enhancing the importance of individual experiences and stories by creating personal performances of her own. To date she has been involved in several dance projects for film, stage and site specific works. Her work has been presented at 'Frontlosjefestival 2016 in Bergen', Resolution 2016 in London, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Prøverommet during Meteor teaterfestival, in South Africa, Iceland and Norway the last year.

Mads Solberg (born May 1991) is a Norwegian composer, songwriter and musician, primarily associated with dream pop/post rock-ensemble Línt. His musical career started as a child, playing electric guitar, but at 16 he took an interest in classical music, and started playing classical guitar and piano. After high school he started composing small, minimalistic pieces that would eventually lead to putting together Línt, where he rearranged and reworked his compositions to fit a typical band-structure. As a composer, he was drawn toward experimental and alternative pieces, and is strongly influenced by modern electronic and minimalistic music, combined with his experience working within the borders of dreampop/post-rock. This untraditional approach to the field gives his works a distinctiveness and has been shown to work well with visual arts. Since his beginning as a performing artist in 2010, he has done several performances: silent movies, art shows and, recently, began working with dance performances.

18 Nov 2016

Dance on the Move – Mavin Khoo accompanied by musician David Walters

Dance on the Move –  Mavin Khoo accompanied by musician David Walters

1 November 2016
venue: Dance Studies Studios
time: 20:00

To book access the online booking form available on the School of Performing Arts website.

Bio: Mavin Khoo
Mavin Khoo is internationally recognized as a dance artist, teacher, choreographer and artist scholar. He studied Bharata Natyam with the legendary dance maestro, Padma Shri Adyar K. Lakshman in India, Cunningham technique at the Cunningham studios in New York and Classical Ballet under Marian St. Claire, Michael Beare, Nancy Kilgour, Paul Lewis, Ayumi Hikasa, Raymond Chai and Tory Jestyn. As a contemporary dance artist he has worked with Wayne McGregor, Akram Khan, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company and others. Commissioned works include creations for Venice Biennale and Canada Dance Festival to name a few. 'Images in Varnam' (2001) was commissioned by the Royal Ballet Artists Development Initiative and was followed by another ROH2 commission 'Let me...with' Royal Ballet dancer Kristen McNally.  Khoo is placed as one of few male soloist of Bharata Natyam who has carved a niche for himself as a touring artist whilst regularly dancing at all major venues in India including the Music Academy and Kalakshetra in Chennai. His own company mavinkhooDance was founded in 2003. Productions include Parallel Passions (2003), Chandra/Luna (2004-2005), Devi: the Female Principle (2006), Strictly Bharata Natyam (2006), Devi: In Absolution (2008), Dancing my Shiva (2010), Swan Lake '00.00 - 00.01' (2011), Akasha (2012) and I am with you, Muruga (2013). Khoo holds an M.A. in Choreography from Middlesex University. He was faculty member of the Dance Studies department (School of Performing Arts) at the University of Malta. He acts as Rehearsal Director to Akram Khan Company and is now the Artistic Director of ZFin Malta Dance Ensemble the national contemporary dance company in Malta.

Bio – David Walters
After completing a B.A. in Music (composition) at Middlesex University in 1982, David has composed, performed and lectured for UK ballet & contemporary dance institutions for over twenty five years, including London Contemporary Dance School, Central School of Ballet, Rambert, Laban, Elmhurst, Urdang, Pineapple, Danceworks, English National Ballet School, Middlesex University, Birkbeck, Arts Educational and the Royal Ballet School. He has played company class for Random Dance, Akram Khan Company, DV8, Cunningham Company with Merce Cunningham, Shobana Jeyasingh Company, The Featherstoneaughs, Rambert Dance Company, Richard Alston Dance Company and New Adventures, also played for audition classes for P.A.R.T.S, George Piper Dances (BalletBoyz), Dora Frankel Dance and National Dance Company Wales. Compositional collaborations have included those with long standing collaborator Kerry Nicholls, Mavin Khoo, Tamara McLorg, Leanne King, Luca Silvestrini, Noi Tolmer, Antonia Grove, Dance United and Ballet de Zaragoza with commissions performed in Spain, Poland and Lithuania, as well as the UK. Current International projects have included Malta (Mavin Khoo) and Germany (Resi-Dance). A soundtrack for Peter Kovacs' short film 'Blank' was completed in the summer of 2014.   From January 2015, devised a score for The Alchemy Project with Darren Ellis, Carly Annable-Coop and Ellen Stein Muller. From August 2015, created a score 'aM' for Kerry Nicholls, premiered in the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff,  Theater Clywd, and Sadlers Wells on 5 September.


Details about the evening space is available online.

18 Nov 2016

Dance on the Move – Jose Agudo accompanied with musician Bernard Schimpelsberger

Dance on the Move – Jose Agudo accompanied with musician Bernard Schimpelsberger

Tuesday 8 November 2016
venue: Dance Studies Studios
time: 20:00

To book access the online booking form available on the School of Performing Arts website.

Bio: Jose Agudo
Jose Agudo started his career in Andalusia where he began performing as a Flamenco dancer. Slowly the world of contemporary dance became more visible and he went to study at Centro Andaluz de Danza in Seville and at the Choreographic Center of Valencia. During this time Jose created work for Certamen Coreografico de Madrid and Certamen Coreografico de Andalucia, receiving awards both as a dancer and as a choreographer.

Since his departure from Spain, Jose has performed with Charleroi/Danses, Ballet de Marseille, T.R.A.S.H., Shobana Jeyasingh Dance and Akram Khan Company. In 2008/9 Jose was Artist in Residence at Deda, UK, where he created the piece 4m2. The piece toured internationally and was selected by the National Dance Network (NDN) to tour with Dance3, as one of the 'next generation of dance makers' in the UK.

Since 2010 he is a freelance choreographer. Recent choreographic commissions include re-staging A Thousand Shepherds for Cape Dance Company, re-staging of ARCTIC for ENBS, SELAH for ŻfinMalta Dance Ensemble (National Company of Malta); KI 18 for 16 male dancers at English National Ballet School (London); A Thousand Shepherds for ACE Dance and Music (Birmingham); ARCTIC for LCDS (London); KI as a solo for Phoenix Dance Theatre (Leeds); and TIME/DROPPER, with the support of Deda and gDA.

Jose is interested in the collaborative process, working with composers such as Scanner, Vincenzo Lasagna (Beautiful Noise), Giuliano Modarelli and Bernhard Schimpelsberger; costume designers Kimie Nakano, Martina Trottman and Elisabeth Kinn Svensson; and is long relation with the dramaturg Lou Cope. Jose has worked for Akram Khan Company since 2011 collaborating as a rehearsal director and shadow for DESH; movement assistant and dancer for the 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony; assistant choreographer and dancer for iTMOi; rehearsal director for TOROBAKA, Khan’s duet collaboration with Flamenco pioneer Israel Galvan; rehearsal director of Khan’s solo for Sylvie Guillem’s farewell tour Life in Progress; assistant choreographer for Until the Lions; the adaptation of Khan’s award winning solo DESH for young audiences entitled Chotto Desh; and rehearsal director for Big Dance 2016. Jose is collaborating with Akademi for the creation of Paradiso.

He is in a new collaboration with ACE Dance and Music to choreograph a full evening piece around the idea of TEN and people in exodus. The premiere will be held on 4 November 2016 in Birmingham. Until the end of 2017 Jose will be Associate Artist with ZfinMalta Dance Ensemble. He will create a film of SELAH and a full length dance piece around CARMEN, that will be premiered at the end of Autumn 2017. Agudo Dance Company is producing SILK ROAD in collaboration with internationally renowned Bharata Natyam and contemporary dancer Mavin Khoo as part of his associate artist with ŻfinMalta. The world premiere will be held in London on 4 May 2017.

Class description
Jose’s class is fast paced and aims to improve stamina through precise and simple movement patterns. The principles of his class are influenced by the diversity of traditional forms, which are often brought into contemporary dance. This initial warm up is followed by more complex movement material with a dynamic focus on the concept of ‘attack and release’. The technique allows joints to relax and energy to flow with maximum efficiency. Jose often uses counts to influence the dynamic of the movement and spinning to engage the core. Jose is strongly influenced by Flamenco, Asian movement forms and martial arts.


18 Nov 2016

Conferences and Events Unit Christmas shutdown

Kindly note that to ensure prompt assistance, any requests for bookings of events should be sent to the Conferences and Events Unit by not later than Tuesday 13 December 2016 (midnight). 

The team will be at the office until Friday 16 December and will be back on duty as from Monday 2 January 2017. During this two-week period staff will not have access to emails and thus it will not be possible to process any requests.

14 Nov 2016

The ICTSA Industry Expo

Your Career Starts Here

The third edition of ICTSA’s Industry Expo will be taking place on Saturday 29 October.  

With 28 companies set to take part, this year’s ICTSA Industry Expo promises to be the biggest opportunity yet for students following ICT related courses. The Expo is being organised in collaboration with the University of Malta’s Faculty of ICT and serves as a great opportunity for students to network with their potential future employer. Participating companies will be demonstrating their business operations and the technologies they use, while explaining available employment vacancies.   

The Expo takes place on Saturday 29 October at the Faculty of ICT, University of Malta (Level -1), from 14:30 till 18:30, and is open to the public, especially students studying ICT fields. 
ICTSA believes in building dynamic, holistic teams made up of individuals from various backgrounds. This serves them in the short term for the various activities and initiatives ICTSA organises, and more importantly in the long term when these soft skills and talents developed are practised at the workplace. Activities like the Industry Expo fulfil ICTSA’s mission to bridge the gap between the students’ world and the industry.

The Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, the Hon. Christian Cardona, and Leader of Opposition, the Hon. Simon Busuttil, will be attending the event.

About ICTSA: The ICT Students’ Association is a registered Voluntary Organisation representing University of Malta and MCAST students reading a Bachelor’s Degree pertaining to Information and Communications Technology. The close relationship between the University of Malta’s Faculty of ICT and ICTSA helps the Association organise quality events all year round. The Association is often the first point of contact for students who have issues they wish to raise.  

27 Oct 2016

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