Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Mentoring

Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Mentoring

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Course title Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Mentoring
Course code PCEDMPET6
Level of qualification Second Cycle Qualification
National Qualifications Framework level Level 7
Duration 2 Semesters
Mode of attendance Part-time Evening
Total ECTS credits 30
Coordinator Michelle Attard Tonna
Delivered by Faculty of Education
The Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Mentoring is intended for teachers who are based in a school and have a class, and are interested in becoming Teacher Mentors. The course will equip participants with skills to mentor and support Master in Teaching and Learning (MTL) student-teachers during their field placement, and help them develop strategies for effective teaching that facilitates student learning and to adopt a reflective approach to teaching.

This course will have a blended learning approach consisting of face-to-face lectures and seminars, online learning and a practicum. Students will also be expected to engage in an amount of self-study in each module.

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To be registered as regular students in the Course, applicants:

(a) shall be in possession of:

(i) the degree of Bachelor of Education (Honours) or

(ii) a first cycle degree together with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education or

(iii) a first cycle and/or second cycle degree or higher and a permanent teacher’s warrant or

(iv) any other recognized teaching qualification and a permanent teacher’s warrant and

(b) shall be working and based in schools occupying a role with direct relevance to teaching and

(c) shall have a minimum of four years’ teaching experience.

The admission requirements are applicable for courses commencing in October 2020.

For more detailed information pertaining to admission and progression requirements please refer to the bye-laws for the course available here.

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Local/EU/EEA Applicants: This programme is being sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Employment

Non-EU/Non-EEA Applicants: This programme is being sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Employment
By the end of the course, the students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge, skills and competences in the following areas:

Attitude and character:
- is willing to be a role model for other teachers
- exhibits strong commitment to the teaching profession
- believes mentoring improves instructional practice
- demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning
- is reflective and able to learn from mistakes
- is eager to share information and ideas with colleagues
- is resilient, flexible, persistent and open-minded
- exhibits resourcefulness; enjoys new challenges and solving problems

Professional competence and experience:
- has excellent knowledge of pedagogy and subject matter
- has confidence in her / his own instructional skills
- demonstrates excellent classroom management skills
- feels comfortable being observed by other teachers
- maintains a network of professional contacts
- understands the policies and procedures of the school
- is a meticulous observer of classroom practice
- collaborates well with other teachers and administrators
- is willing to learn new teaching strategies from her / his mentees

Communication skills:
- is able to articulate effective instructional strategies
- listens attentively
- asks questions that prompt reflection and understanding
- offers critique in positive and productive ways
- uses effective techniques to communicate with her / his mentees
- is efficient with the use of time
- conveys enthusiasm and passion for teaching
- is discreet and maintains confidentiality

Interpersonal skills:
- is able to maintain a trusting, professional relationship
- knows how to express care for a mentee's emotional and professional needs
- is attentive to sensitive political issues
- works well with individuals from different backgrounds
- is approachable; easily establishes rapport with others
- is patient
This programme of study is targeting practising teachers with more than 4 years experience and who are in possession of a permanent Teachers' Warrant.
Graduate of this programme will be able to apply for the role of school-based Teacher Mentor for MTL students in schools.
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Last Updated: 30 September 2020

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