Diploma in Sport Administration and Management (Top-up)

Diploma in Sport Administration and Management (Top-up)

Course information

Course title Diploma in Sport Administration and Management (Top-up)
Course code UDSAMIIPTE
Level of qualification Not Applicable
National Qualifications Framework level Level 5
Duration 2 Semesters
Mode of attendance Part-time Evening
Total ECTS credits 30
Coordinator Adele Muscat
Delivered by Institute for Physical Education and Sport
This programme will be taught using a variety of methods including lectures, practical sessions, placement and supervised independent research. It will give a better understanding of sport administration and management and how a sport administrator/manager can be more effective in sports clubs, associations and leisure facilities. Students, most of whom are expected to be coming with some sport administration/management experience will discuss the challenges they face and will engage in practical individual and teamwork during the taught units as well as ongoing research to understand better the issues under consideration. The content to be covered to acquire a diploma include units in the understanding of human behaviour in sport, leadership in sport management, entrepreneurship skills and sports tourism. Students will attend placement sessions (75hrs in total) in order to develop theory into practice and to enhance the learning objectives aimed at during the taught units. They will also be introduced to research methods in sports management and complete a long essay with the aim of reflecting in depth on an area of interest.

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Fee per semester: Eur 450

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This course is aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of those who are already working or would like to work in the field of sport administration and management. By the end of this course, students will have achieved a number of learning outcomes including the ability to:

- Interpret human behaviour in sport;
- Analyse the challenges to be found in society today;
- Recognise how to manage people (participants, parents, coaches, officials and others) efficiently;
- Examine the requirements needed to organise an international sport event;
- Describe how sports tourism can help the economy;
- Analyse legal issues in sport;
- Recognise the responsibilities sport administrators and managers face;
- Compare different leadership styles;
- Analyse the skills, characteristics and behaviours of successful entrepreneurs
in sport and active leisure;
- Examine opportunities for entrepreneurial activity in sport and active leisure;
- Explain how a sports manager can be more effective.

- Develop new opportunities for viable business solutions;
- Communicate effectively with participants, colleagues and volunteers on technical and professional matters;
- Demonstrate sound management skills such as the ability to set targets and motivate others;
- Respond to disclosure, suspicions and allegations of abuse in sport;
- Plan, record and reflectively evaluate his/her sport and physical activity related work;
- Take initiative and manage his/her own time and prioritise workloads;
- Assess the potential impact of different kinds of risk on an entrepreneur or small
business in sport and active leisure;
- Demonstrate good governance in sport;
- Critically review literature in the field;
- Plan and design a study and manage time to complete it within the required time frame.

The course is intended for local and foreign students and for working professionals who may or may not be already working in a sport setting and who are interested in furthering their knowledge in sport administration and management.
With the increasing professionalisation of sport organisations, graduates of this Diploma should be able to secure meaningful work experience in this sector. Sport represents a labour-intensive growth industry which means that growth in the sports industry is likely to lead to additional employment (EU Sport Forum, 2017). This trend is also manifest in Malta .
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Last Updated: 13 September 2021

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