Master of Science in Digital Games

Master of Science in Digital Games

Course Title

Master of Science in Digital Games

MQF Level


Duration and Credits

4 Semesters

120 ECTS

Mode of Study


Information for International applicants

Applicants must be in possession of a first cycle degree obtained from this University, or from any other higher education institution approved by Senate for this purpose, and satisfy also the Special Course Requirements and any other conditions included in the Notes section, if applicable

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A Bachelor degree from this University or from a university recognised by Senate for the purpose, in the areas of Information Technology, Engineering, Communications, the Humanities, the Social Sciences, or in any other area which the Board deems as appropriate.

All applicants shall also submit a portfolio of recent works as well as a letter of motivation in order to demonstrate their experience and/or substantial talent and motivation.

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The MSc in Digital Games brings together students from many backgrounds to create innovative and exciting digital games. You are encouraged to explore your personal approach to game creation by combining your game design education with either critical analysis or technology specialisations. In all cases, you will fully engage with the processes of game design and creation, as well as logistical concerns such as project and business management. The degree culminates in producing a completely developed digital game or a theory-based dissertation. The programme is taught by experts from a variety of fields, providing diverse perspectives on game creation and criticism. As digital games continue to evolve, the programme will also expand to provide the skills and knowledge needed in industry, independent development, and academic games research. The taught component will be covered during the first two years whilst the research component will be covered during the latter two years.

In addition to the compulsory taught study-units (25 ECTS credits), students are required to choose an elective stream of either 25 ECTS credits (Game Analysis and Design) or 25 ECTS credits (Game Technology and Design). They are required to choose from the rest of the elective study-units to get a total of 60 ECTS credits for the year. A dissertation of 60 ECTS credits will be covered during the second year of the course.

Stream A: Game Technology and Design

Stream B: Game Analysis and Design
Semester 1
Compulsory Units (All students must register for this/these unit/s)
IDG5156 Game Design 10 ECTS    
IDG5158 Methods for Games Research 5 ECTS    
Stream A: Game Technology and Design
IDG5301 Game Artificial Intelligence 5 ECTS    
IDG5304 Foundations of Game Studies 5 ECTS    
IDG5631 Game Programming Fundamentals 5 ECTS    
Stream B: Game Analysis and Design
IDG5160 Designing Gameworlds 5 ECTS    
IDG5201 Formal Properties of Games 10 ECTS    

Semester 2
Compulsory Units (All students must register for this/these unit/s)
IDG5157 Game Development 10 ECTS    
Elective Units (Elective units are offered subject to availability, a minimum number of student registrations and time-table constraints)
ATS5002 Film, Technology and the Literary Canon 5 ECTS    
DGA5014 Perception and Consumption of Art 5 ECTS    
DGA5016 Art Practice and the Production of Culture 5 ECTS    
DGA5301 Drawing and Colour Workshops 5 ECTS    
DGA5302 Digital Imaging, Photography and Illustration 5 ECTS    
DGA5304 Digital Animation and Graphics 5 ECTS    
DGA5305 Graphic Narrative and Storytelling 5 ECTS    
DGG5633 Advanced Game Graphics 5 ECTS    
IDG5152 Games and Narrative 5 ECTS    
IDG5252 Experimental Game Design 5 ECTS    
IDG5259 Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Games 10 ECTS    
IDG5313 Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Games 5 ECTS    
MCS5411 Critical Studies in Journalism 5 ECTS    
Stream A: Game Technology and Design
IDG5259 Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Games 10 ECTS    
Stream B: Game Analysis and Design
IDG5202 Analysing Player Experience 10 ECTS    


Year   (This/these unit/s start/s in Semester 1 and continue/s in Semester 2)
Compulsory Units (All students must register for this/these unit/s)
IDG5000 Dissertation 60 ECTS    


This programme of study is governed by the General Regulations for University Postgraduate Awards, 2021 and by the Bye-Laws for the award of the Degree of Master of Science in Digital Games – M.Sc. - under the auspices of the Institute of Digital Games.

The following are a sample of learning outcomes that you will achieve by the end of the programme, where you will be able to:

  • Develop efficient, functional and well written documentation both for internal documents (design document, treatment document) and for external ones (concept document) + demonstrate well-honed presentation and pitching skills.
  • Identify the appropriate quantitative or qualitative research methodology for a particular games research task.
  • Critically analyse how human creativity affects the creative facets of games.
  • Analyse player experience using a variety of theoretical and empirical tools.
  • Implement and describe fundamental algorithms used in game graphics.
  • Use software tools and development methods appropriate to their roles.

Non EU Applicants:

Fee per academic year: Eur 13,400

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As a successful holder of this masters' degree, you will be able to enter a career in the digital games industry. The option of pursing a doctorate at the University of Malta is also available if you wish to further your studies.

Technology Stream

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