Programme Description

Programme Description

University of Malta

Institute for European Studies

Master of Arts in European Politics, Economics and Law

(for courses commencing October 2020)


M.A. European Politics, Economics and Law students are required to register for a total of 90 ECTS credits as follows:

Dissertation: 30 ECTS credits in the third semester
Law, Politics and Economics 60 ECTS credits (Chosen as follows: 18 ECTS credits in Compulsory study-units, 12 ECTS credits in Politics, 12 ECTS credits in Economics, 6 ECTS credits in Law and 12 ECTS credits as electives from either of the three areas. The supplementary credits are not to be included with these 60).

Year (This/these unit/s start/s in Semester 1 and continue/s in Semester 2)

Elective Units Elective units are offered subject to availability and time-table constraints.

EST5590* Long Essay 6 ECTS


ECL5050 Judicial Protection in the EU 12 ECTS
ECL5033 Intellectual Property Law: Issues and Harmonization in an International and EU Context 12 ECTS
ECL5036 The Law of Fundamental Freedoms of the European Union (Internal Market) 12 ECTS
ECL5056 EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice Law - Principles and Policies 12 ECTS

* Not on offer during academic year 2020-21.

Semester 1

Applicants who are required to successfully complete one or more of the following supplementary study-units, for a total of not more than 12 credits are to register for these supplementary study-units as directed by the Board:

Supplementary Units

EST1022 Law of the Institutions: General Principles of European Union Law 4 ECTS
EST1040 Introductory Micro Economics for European Studies 4 ECTS
EST2140 Politics of the European Union 4 ECTS

Compulsory Units

ECL5049 The Law of the Institutions of the EU 6 ECTS
EST5599 Research Methods 6 ECTS
EST5602 Political and Economic Approaches to European Integration 6 ECTS

Elective Units Elective units are offered subject to availability and time-table constraints.


EST5330 The European Union in World Politics 6 ECTS
EST5480 Current Issues in European Union Politics 6 ECTS
EST5605 Southern EU Societies and Politics 6 ECTS


EST5460 European Union Development Policy 6 ECTS
EST5530 European Union Cohesion Policy 6 ECTS


ECL5035 Labour Law in the European Union 6 ECTS
ECL5038 Environmental Legislation and Policy of the European Union 6 ECTS
ECL5039 EU Transport Law 6 ECTS
EST5510 European Union Migration and Asylum Law 6 ECTS

Semester 2

Elective Units Elective units are offered subject to availability and time-table constraints.

EST5606 Placements in European Studies 6 ECTS


EST5470 Lobbying in the European Union 6 ECTS
EST5594 The EU Legislative Process and the Political Dynamics of Inter-Institutional Negotiations 6 ECTS
EST5604 The EU and Mediterranean Diplomacy 6 ECTS


EST5410 Advances in European Union Trade Policy 6 ECTS
EST5520 The European Union and Climate Change 6 ECTS
EST5607 Economic and Financial Issues in the Euro Zone 6 ECTS


ECL5037 EU Financial Services Law 6 ECTS
ECL5040 EU and International Trade Law and Policy 6 ECTS
ECL5053 European Union Constitutional Law 6 ECTS
ECL5058 Fundamental Rights in the European Union 6 ECTS

Semester 3

Compulsory Units (All students must register for this/these unit/s)

EST5450 Dissertation 30 ECTS

Requirement for the award of the Master of Arts in European Politics, Economics and Law: 90 ECTS credits of which:
60 ECTS credits – taught study-units
30 ECTS credits – research study-units

This programme of study is governed by the 'General Regulations for University Postgraduate Awards, 2008' and by the Bye-Laws for the award of Master of Arts in European Politics, Economics and Law - M.A. - under the auspices of the Institute for European Studies.
Last Updated: 5 March 2020
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The availability of optional units may be subject to timetabling constraints.
Units not attracting a sufficient number of registrations may be withdrawn without notice.
Unless for exceptional approved reasons, no changes to the programme of study for a particular academic year will be made once the students' registration period for that academic year begins.