Study-Unit Description

Study-Unit Description


TITLE Project and Dissertation

LEVEL 05 - Postgraduate Modular Diploma or Degree Course



DESCRIPTION The degree project should stand for the clear demonstration of the student’s reflective practice at Master’s level. It should clearly show the integral relationship between concept, process and realisation and should provide a clear indication of the student’s potential future success in the areas of digital art and design at a professional level and in an international dimension.

The Dissertation supports the student’s practice and defines its relation to contemporary debates in digital art and design. The writing should clearly demonstrate the historical, theoretical, critical and analytical research conducted by the student in relation to his/her body of work and its documentation.

The final MFA Degree Project together with the Dissertation should ultimately demonstrate a student's clear understanding of professional contemporary digital art and design practice.

Study-unit Aims

- To apply and articulate research methodologies underpinning an advanced project in Art and Design.
- To facilitate innovative work at a named Masters level which achieves the synthesis of practical, critical and theoretical concerns as evidenced by a project in appropriate media or process.
- To present and document an MFA Project and Exhibition that significantly demonstrates relevant professional work in the context of contemporary debates in Digital Art and Design.
- To demonstrate technical and professional accomplishment in the rendering and dissemination of the project.

Learning Outcomes

1. Knowledge & Understanding: By the end of the study-unit the student will be able to:

1) Understand the practicalities of research, including setting and achieving realistic goals, planning, working in a team, using resources, presentation skills, and meeting institutional requirements and expectations of good practice.

2) Apply the techniques for advancing knowledge and understanding, such as setting up a programme of reading, literature review, techniques of archival research, interviewing, observation studies, ethnographic research, gathering evidence, quantitative methods, and creative practice and design as research.

3) Develop a critical framework in which to review research and research methods, taking account of the contested nature of research practice.

2. Skills: By the end of the study-unit the student will be able to:

- To apply and articulate research methodologies underpinning an advanced project in Digital Art
- To mediate the MFA Project in terms of a Project and Dissertation and to generate creative solutions in presenting visual and verbal information to an audience.
- To create a research document appropriate for the dissemination of contemporary art and design to the creative and cultural industries, funding agencies and arts associations.
- To enable students to question the role and reception of theoretical information in the context of contemporary art publications, information technology and design.

STUDY-UNIT TYPE Dissertation

Assessment Component/s Resit Availability Weighting
Dissertation Yes 100%


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