Study-Unit Description

Study-Unit Description


TITLE Practice Workshops 3

LEVEL 03 - Years 2, 3, 4 in Modular Undergraduate Course


DEPARTMENT Social Policy and Social Work

DESCRIPTION Practice Workshops will run in parallel to the academic study-units of the social work programme and will draw upon the material covered during these study-units. They will provide students with the opportunity to relate theory to practice in experiential workshop settings. Students would also have the opportunity to relate their own experiences from the field to theory being covered by the study-units. In addition the workshops would also provide the milieu for students to practice or actualise activities which relate to theory.

The workshop session is intended to provide a venue for student's guided professional development, self awareness and appraisal.

Course Content

The emphasis will be on the acquisition of skills and critical awareness of attitudes. It will also include: Use of Resources/Data in Research; Tools For Working With Families; Counselling Microskills.


Participatory learning methods will be used throughout the course and this will include small group discussions, role-play, simulation experiences, case-studies and the like. The workshop sessions will be of two hours duration and will run alternate weeks during the semester.


Each student will be required to keep a Workshop Journal which is the student's record of what took place during the sessions together with his/her reactions, insights and critical analyses. It is intended to function as a record of learnings made.

This journal will be used in assessment of students where process and method will be assessed as well as content. Attendance and participation will be taken into account in judging a student's performance.

Since assessment is continuous this study unit does not have the possibility of Supplementary Assessment, i.e. should a student fail this study unit they will have to 'recycle' it when it is next offered.

Due to the participatory nature of the course, attendance to all sessions is compulsory. Since the sessions are based on experiential learning, missing sessions will influence negatively on the student's personal experience, as well as the group's experience.

In the event of serious reasons which would make it absolutely impossible for a student to attend, s/he may be given permission to absent her/himself from one session. Absence from more than 3 sessions "will lead to the student being declared ineligible for assessment of the unit, in which case a 0 mark and an F grade shall be assigned and recorded" (General Regulations, Clause 35, May 2004).

SWP2511 Practice Workshops I & II

Suggested Textbook/s

- Comptom and Galoway (1994) Social Work Processes Brooks/Cole California.
- Coulshed,V. (1988) Social Work Practice: An Introduction Macmillan/BASW London

Reading List

Students are encouraged to read material on the reading lists of other study-units they are taking during this semester, as this will be assumed during this study-unit.

- Brill, N.I. (1990) Working with People - the Helping Process. (4th edn.) New York: Longman.
- Corey, M.S. (1987) Groups: Process and Practice. California: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company.
- Darmanin, A. (1992) Developing Leadership Skills. Malta: Media Centre Publications
- Davies, M. (1994) The Essential Social Worker: A guide to Positive Practice.
- Aldershot Hants: Arena.
- Day, P. (1985) Sociology in Social Work Practice. London: Macmillan.
- Fink, A.E., Pfouts, J.H. & Dobelstein, A.W. (1985) The Field of Social Work. (8th edn.) Beverly Hills: Sage Publications.
- Johnson, L.C. (1998) Social Wok Practice- A Generalist Approach. (6th edn.) Boston: Allyn and Bacon.
- Johnson, D.W. (1993) Reaching Out (5th edn.) USA: Allyn and Bacon.
- Kadushin, A. (1990) The Social Work Interview. New York: Columbia University Press.
- Nelson-Jones, R. (1986) Human Relationship Skills: Training and Self-Help. London: Holt, Rinehart and Winston
- Nelson-Jones, R. (1988) Practical Counselling and Helping Skills. (2nd edn) London: Holt, Rinehart and Winston.



Assessment Component/s Resit Availability Weighting
Logbook No 100%

LECTURER/S Ashley Cumbo
Maria Mercieca
Claudia Psaila (Co-ord.)
Holger Saliba

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