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Community Outreach:

Forum Kommunita' Bormliza:

Stakeholder from the area meet regularly to discuss important, contemporary issues that are affecting the people and places of this area. Dr. Cutajar forms part of the Forum as the representative of the Cottonera Resource Centre.

Presently, the Forum is focusing on the rental market pricing and its impact on the locals. The issue has emerged from the Legal Clinic that is held at the Cottonera Resource Centre. 

Forum Kommunita' Bormliza 

 Migrant Women Association Malta

Basic English lessons are being held in collaboration with the Migrant Women Association Malta. The lessons are aimed for migrant women who need help in English to help them better integrate into society. 

 MWAM holding basic English lessons MWAM holding basic English lessons for migrant women


Free Counselling Services
The Cottonera Resource Centre offers free Counselling Services to members of the community.
Revision Classes
Revision classes are being held for Form 4  and Form 5 students.
Last Updated: 25 October 2016

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