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Xjenza Mania 2015
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The Cottonera Resource Centre, once again organised STEM Summer School for students between the age of 11 - 14 years. The students participated in a 7 week project were they revised and learned various subjects in a fun and interactive way. The subjects being taught include Maths, Maltese, English, Physics, Personal and Social Development, and Design and Technology. 

 STEM Sajf 2015


Graffiti Project

The American Embassy, approached the Cottonera Resource Centre to host a Mural Project together with the collaboration of St. Margaret’s College’s Youth Club, ZTK, and Centru Tbexbix. In the end, it was decided that the mural would be painted on the south wall of the internal yard, with the participating students coming from the pool of students from the STEM Summer School and ZTK. The American Embassy sponsored both the American graffiti artist, Damien Perdue, together with the materials utilised for the project that ran from the 6th till the 10th of July. During the duration his stay, Mr. Perdue, painted two murals - one at the University of Malta Cottonera Resource Centre/ St. Margaret College, and another at the Gozo College Secondary School. Furthermore he has also visited several Skola Sajf programs leading various workshops on graffiti art.

In total fifteen students showed interest in participating in the Graffiti project with twelve actively participating in the sessions (nine of which were from the Curies class) from the STEM Summer School.


On July 17, U.S. Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley visited the Cottonera Resource Center/St. Margaret College to view the mural created by Mr. Perdue and youths from Cottonera and the south of Malta.  In brief comments she said, “This mural celebrates diversity and inclusion.  I believe we all can benefit from open, tolerant and inclusive dialogue.  We should reject violence or intimidation that’s aimed at silencing people’s voices.”  The Ambassador applauded the Cottonera Resource Center’s mission to promote higher education among youths.  She said, “Societies are more likely to succeed when all our people -- regardless of color, class, creed, sexual orientation, or gender – have equal opportunity to pursue a first-class education.”

 H.E. Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley with Damien Perdue and the students 

Pavlis Institute - Experiments

Once again, two Engineering undergraduates from the Michigan Tech University delivered a number of experiments during the physics sessions. The experiments permitted the students to learn through a hands-on approach and were a consolidation of the topics that were being tackled. The materials utilised for the experiments were mainly brought by the undergraduates themselves. Said experiment were -

  • Homemade Compass

  • Electromagnet

  • 3D Waves

  • Soundproof Box

  • Roller-Coaster

  • Circular Motion

  • Inertia Ball

  • Thick or Thin Wires



Every Thursday at the STEM summer school an excursion was organised for the four classes. The idea behind the excursions was to learn by seeing and visiting a variety of places on topics relating to culture, history, science and sports.

Excursion 1 – Birgu historical tour and the Inquisitor's Palace

On the 9th July, for the first excursion the students were taken on a whirlwind tour around Birgu. During the tour Birgu, which was led by the Local Counsellor Lawrence Attard, the students were encouraged to spot and take selfies with historical artefacts that can be found around the town. After the tour, the students visited the Inquisitor’s Palace, where they were guided by a staff member and were aided to answer a short worksheet on said Palace.

Excursion 2 – The Fortress Builders centre

On the 16th July, for the second excursion the students were taken to the Fortress Builders Fortification Interpretation Centre in Valletta, where different models are exhibited to illustrate the different types of fortifications that were present in the Maltese Island and appreciate their purpose. The students also participating in a question and answer session with the director of the institute.

Excursion 3 – The National Aquarium

On the 23rd July, for the third excursion the students visited the National Aquarium for a guided visit. At the Aquarium the students could witness an array of marine life from local waters and exotic seas.

Excursion 4 – Ta' Qali National Stadium

On the 30th July, for the fourth excursion the students visited the National Football Stadium in Ta' Qali for a guided visit. The guided visit took the students all around the stadium from the press room, the changing rooms of the National Football team, the football ground and the trophy room; after which, the students were given team building and sports activities by a Skola Sport trainer.

Excursion 5 – Civil Protection Department – Marsa and Hal Far Station

On the 6th August, the Civil Protection invited us to the Marsa Fire Station, where the students were shown the different equipment used by the Marine Section of the Civil Protection. While touring the quarters the students enjoying the telling of the different scenarios and accidents that the Search and Rescue Officers have come across during their service, which provided a good platform to learn about the various fires and incidents that can occur at sea. In addition, the students were later shown the Hal Far Fire Station, where Training Officer Anthony Pisani familiarised them with the various types of fire engines present on the premises together with the equipment they carry. The excursion highlighted the vital link between theoretical and scientific knowledge and everyday life of the officers; a link which was further reinforce with a live demonstration of igniting and putting out a small fire on the premises of the Hal Far Fire Station.  

Visit by Sportsman

On the 10th August, the triathlon athlete Fabio Spiteri addressed two Form 4 classes; where he shared his experience of being a full-time sportsman both locally and abroad. Mr. Spiteri showed them his equipment including the bicycle used in the various races and competitions. The session was ended with a discussion about the challenges Mr. Spiteri faces, his diet and lifestyle he follows.

Graphic Novel Workshop

On the last day of the STEM Summer School, a workshop was organised by the Graphic Novels Library. The students were invited to create a superhero, including his/her background story and the image of said superhero. The session permitted the students to work on their creative and presentation skills while working in a team.




Xjenza Mania

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