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24 January 2014
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Maltese Traditional Instruments 

By:  Mro Ruben Zahra      Date:  24 January 2014

Description: This lecture portrayed a profile of Malta’s folk instruments: iż-Żaqq (bagpipe), iż-Żummara (reed pipe), il-Flejguta (cane flute), it-Tanbur (frame drum), iż-Żafżafa (friction drum) and il-Lira (lyre). Zahra will illustrate each instrument with live demonstrations as well as video and audio samples. The presentation will go into crafting techniques and the role of the instruments within the local socio-cultural context. Malta’s music heritage portrays an interesting crossroads of North African, Southern European influences and Byzantine influences. These instruments were on the verge of extinction by the 1970s. In 1999 Ruben Zahra and his collaborators established the Etnika revival project to establish Malta’s music heritage back to its culture. 

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