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Event Title: The Creative Competence - Panel Discussion and Networking Event

Date: Thursday 21st April from 15.30 to 17.00

Venue: KSU Student Common Room at the University of Malta

Event Details: The main objective of this event was to present students with a better understanding of the desirable ‘soft’ skills that employees could bring into the workplace. Specialisation is at times taking place at the expense of other skills including interpersonal skills, knowledge sharing, working in teams, problem solving and the generation of new ideas to mention a few. This event raised awareness about the importance of these skills and encouraged students to bridge the gap by highlighting areas of competence that can help them make headway in the workplace.  

The panel was made up of three reputable managing directors who have experience in hiring employees along with running their businesses, two former Master in Creativity and Innovation students who are now successfully employed, and a current Master in Creativity and Innovation student.  It was interesting to see how the different perspectives of the panel members animated and developed the discussion.

Organised by: The Edward de Bono Institute

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