Past dissertations

Johann Agius
MUŻA and beyond: Exploring innovation in Malta’s museum sector

Asma Dekna
Towards a guide for Designing Innovative Human-Centred Transitional Justice Processes; Lessons from Rwanda, Sierre Leonne, and South Africa

 David Grech
An Exploration of Innovation Strategies used by SME's in Malta and their Impact on Organizational Performance

Shams Mawi
Exploring the Advertising Industry: The Creative Process and the role of the Internet

Patrick Pace
The role of Creativity in Problem Solving within the Nursing Profession in Malta

Katrina Scicluna
Exploring the Relationship between Creativity and Leadership among Nurses in the Hospital Ward

Candace Seshiah
Creativity, Innovation and Idea Generation Techniques in Employee Relationship Management

Anton Abela
The Role of Artistic Creativity in Chronic Pain Management

Amber Bondin
Music in the Digital Age: Exploring the influence of Digital Technologies on Innovation in the Music Industry in Malta

Dalziel Bugeja
A study on Innovation in Tourism in the post-low cost carrier era – A focus on the Hotel Sector in Malta

Sarah Bugeja
Towards Social Wealth in Malta: The Role of Social Entrepreneurship

Ryan Mark Camilleri
Surviving the Recession: Insights from SMEs in Malta

Maryna Grechna
Exploring the influence of the creative environment on advertising creativity in the context of Maltese companies

Linda Justenborg Sonnichsen
The Future of Entrepreneurship Education in Europe: A JA Perspectives

Martina Miggiani
The Effect of Competition amongst Student Organisations on the Generation of Innovative Offerings and Services - An Explorative Study

Joanne Scicluna
Maltese Teachers’ Perspectives of Creativity in Post-Secondary Mathematics

Merve Senay
Transfer Passengers’ Perception of Service Innovations at Hub Airports: Munich International, Seoul Incheon, and Singapore Changi Airport

Mark Trapani
Success Factors in a Saturated Market. The role of creativity in the food outlets frequented by University students in Malta
Nadia Boffa
Exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities: The role of intuition and cognitive versatility

Steven Diacono
Entrepreneurial Opportunity Identification within the circular economy

Judie Farrugia
The impact of schooling on students' creativity

Dan Irimia
Artistic creativity and the transformative power of psychological pain

Jochen Lenders
AguaGente: A feasibility study of an innovative water conservation project in Malta

Gordon Pisani
Creating Rubrics to assess entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation

Elizabeth Pulo
Future search as a tool to enable an entrepreneurial mind-set in organisations: AIESEC as a case study

Luke Saliba
The preconditions influencing the adoption of innovative medical technologies amongst Health Care Professionals. The case of point of care testing

Analise Sammut
'Going the Distance!' A study of the relationship between entrepreneurial deliberate practice and firm performance

Geraldine Sammut
Investigating the role of environmental NGOs as change agents in the diffusion of green innovations in Malta

Ruth Schembri
Exploring how employee interpersonal relations affect individual creativity

Nicola Tanti
The exploration of thinking tools for daily decision making

Joanne Zammit
Developing Financial Literacy as a Key Entrepreneurship Skill through an Alternative Learning Programmes
Pablo Ahijado Aparicio
The Team Creative Process in Biomimetics: A Transactive Memory Theory Perspective

Owen Bonello
Creative Idea Generation Techniques within an Online Marketing Firm: A Case Study

Stephanie Briffa
Exploring Influential Factors on Creative Advertising: Gaining Insight from a Practitioner’s Point of View

Kurt Bugeja
The Use of Social Media as Innovation Strategies by Airlines

Kristina Buhagiar
Improving the Financial Sustainability of Maltese NGOs through Business Model and Revenue Stream Innovations

David Demicoli
Creativity and Innovation in the Creative Business Services in Malta

Christine Duff
Primary Education in Malta in 2030: Designing Potential Futures through Foresight

Shad Engkilterra
Disneyland as a Creativity Metaphor: A Practical Guide to Everyday Creativity

Nathaniel Gatt
Entrepreneurial Motivation: A Study of Female Entrepreneurs in Malta

Amanda Jo Grech
Towards a Conceptualization of Creativity: Understanding the Development of a Standard Definition

Chantelle Micallef Grimaud
The Application of Creative Thinking Techniques as Tools for Playwriting in Malta

Lisa Pace
Assessing Employee Creativity: Developing a Comprehensive Measure

Maria Piscopo
From Creativity to Entrepreneurship: An Exploratory Study within the Creative Industries in Malta

Roberto Saliba
The Publishing Industry in Malta: Challenges for Harnessing Innovation

Michael Spiteri
The University of Malta in 2030: A Strategic Foresight Exercise

Stacey Spiteri
Assessing Creativity in Print Advertising Campaigns – The Case of Diesel, French Connection, and United Colours of Benetton

Sandrina Spiteri Gonzi
The Entrepreneurial Dancer: Exploring the Relationship between Professional Dance and Creative Entrepreneurship

Shawn Tanti
Is Creative Tourism Present in Malta? An Exploratory Study
Athanasios Adrimis
The Flow of the Mechanism of the Mind: A Conceptual Analysis of the Relations Between Csikszentmihalyi's and de Bono's Notions on Intrapersonal Creativity

Marlene Agius
Creativity, Well-Being and Leadership: Evaluating inter-relationships in the workplace

Gianella Caligari
Shades of Pink and Blue: Gender role innovations

Danica Falzon
Thinking by Design

Rachel Grima
The Application of Creativity Theory to Literary Texts: An exploration of the use lateral thinking techniques in selected texts

Ruven Hanohov
Opportunities for Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Berlin as a Case Study

Petya Ivanova
Exploring user experience as a driver of process innovation

David O'Connell
Entrepreneurship perceptions, training and opportunities among the skilled unemployed of Ireland: A pilot study

Roman Repovas
How does space affect creativity? A study of the influence of the University of Malta’s environment on students

Oliver Saliba
The Interactive Effect of Leadership, Climate, and Strategy on Innovation

Roman Voytovich
Creative advertising as a method for increasing the organisational competitive advantage in the sphere of online gaming
Matthew Alfred Bugeja
How Does the Media Manipulate its Audience? Exploring linguistic creativity in political speeches

Mario Cachia
Innovation in strategic political campaigning: A study into the use and effect of new technologies in political campaigns and their impact on Malta

Lisa Cassar
The transition from entrepreneur to employee after business closure: An exploratory study

Abigail Cremona
Cybercrime in organisations in 2030: A strategic foresight exercise

Lara Gail Dougall
Female managers’ need for an intrapreneurial flair: Identifying perceptual stereotypes

David Ellul
Valletta after its title of European Capital of Culture 2018. Will it be a creative city?

Helena Esnerova
Relationship between Global Measures of Creativity and Happiness as Indicators of National Performance: A Fact or a Myth?

Sherrylene Gauci
The effect of audience feedback on journalists’ creativity in a local context

Graziella Grech
Creative thinking processes in a Maltese information and communications technology (ICT) organisation

Cathy Therese Lawlor
An exploration of strategy formulation in a Maltese organisational context: An exercise in foresight and innovation

 Marina Gennadyevna Mizzi
Creativity enhancement with visual exploration search

Mihai Savescu
The Role of Creativity in Viral Marketing

Anna Sedelnikova
The use of crowdsource testing and its role in innovation within an organization
Borg Vanessa
Entrepreneurial intent and entrepreneurial identity of University of Malta students and graduates

Buttigieg Andrew Paul
How is creativity perceived by comic book readers? A Maltese study

Cutajar Christine
Creativity and innovation in sustainable craft production

Ebejer Stephen
An investigation of the role of human resource management in organisational innovation: An assessment of innovative work practices

Galea Anna
The creative process in the art of painting

Micallef Josianne
Analysing the relationship between innovation and destination brand in Malta and Singapore: A case study

Mizzi Jesmond
The place counts! Organisational realities and team innovation in software development environment

Reiter Michaela Marie
The impact of active trust-building on creative performance of work groups: An exploratory study

Thomas Shruthi
Creative thinking techniques: Factors that impinge the usability among Indian professionals

Pieters Jeroen
Entrepreneurial mindsets among higher education students: The case for the University of Malta

Tedesco Lara
The role of creativity in management: A comparison of two Maltese industries

Vella Leanne
The relationship between competitive sports and entrepreneurship: An exploratory study

Zammit Xavier
Analysing Facebook advertising variables through clicks
Andrea Agius
Competitive reactions following the introduction of a hard discounter: A case study focusing on Maltese supermarkets

James Buhagiar
The futures of the Maltese language

Chantal Sciberras
Design as an enabler of social innovation
Peters Anyanwu
Innovation in the Nigerian electoral system: A tool for democracy

Zhonghu Ban
Gender profiling: Critical thinking about gender portrayals in media

Joanna Borg
Fortune telling and creativity: An analysis of the methods used by current practitioners in Malta

Luke Borg
The link between creativity and innovation and the human resource development: A study on a local major bank

Rachel Cassar
Media organisatios: An evaluation of innovation within the media's news content

Stephanie Dalli
The impact of creativity on dance and the effect of dance on creative ability

Audrey Harrison
Innovation in film: It's perfectly possible

Sophie Jozwik
Creative marketing techniques employed to appeal to consumers: The merging of a sensory mix?

Kanika Karvinkop
A study of the personality factors affecting the process of decision making by flight crew

Jeffrey Romano
Creativity and innovation in the financial services industry in Malta: A qualitative approach

C.V. Sarath
Innovation and strategic growth for development of an organisation: Case study of Virgin Trains

Christine Xuereb
Dynamic of Maltese/immigrants interaction in Birzebbuga, Malta: Exploring innovative solutions to the perceptions on migration and sub Saharan immigrants
Sarah Busuttil
How does financing impinge on the Artists' creative experience of 'doing'?

Melvin Cachia
Creativity and Rivalry: The Artistic Reconfiguration of Society in Maltese Festas

Amanda Camilleri
'Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Am I Fitting for this Role?' An investigation of Self Image and other Gender-Related Factors Among Female Entrepreneurs

Matthew Francis Cassar
Innovation in Art Museums: A strategic approach to product development in art institutions from a marketing perspective

Aida Maria Cassola
Innovation in Advertising: The Key to Success?

Joseph Cilia
The role of Creativity in Science: A portrait of a Creative Scientist

Andre D'Amato
The green industry's potential to drive local innovation in the manufacturing sector: Malta a case study for a smart specialisation strategy in eco-innovation

Joseph Galea
The Formal Teaching of Creativity Tools

Ruth Gatt
The Role of Creativity and Innovation in the design and content of Skin Cancer Prevention Campaigns

Mario Gielen
The Innovative Integration of Digital Technology into Pedagogy of the 21st Century

Nancy Huebner
The Design of a Triple Helix Innovation Network for the Enhancement of the European Equine Sector

Katarina Lennmarker
Embassy Art: Exploring the Relationship Between Nation Branding and Artistic Creativity in Visual Diplomacy

Bernard Muscat
Inspiring people to social change: An analysis of creative practices in Maltese Social Marketing campaigns

Birgit Oidram
Innovation Capacity in Cultural-Historical Destination Product Development: the Case of Malta and Talinn

Maria Tarnogrocki
The Interdisciplinary Challenge of Sustainable Entrepreneurship: A study of Sustainable Innovative Business Concepts for the Enhancement of SME Performance

Paul Zammit
The Perception towards Innovative Technologies in the 5-Star Hotel Conference Market
Melanie Mizzi
Organisational Climate for Creativity in Public Education Institutions Model Development and Validation

Michael Joseph Zammit
A Futures Business Model for a Progressive Jewish School in Melbourne
Fay Camenzuli
Opportunity Identification and Exploitation among Established Entrepreneurs: Habitual Heuristis or Cognizant Creativity?

Franco Curmi
The Role of Collective Intelligence Networks in Innovation

Lisa Gafa
Creativity and Mental Illness in Malta

Leire Garcia Olaizola
Innovation in Television: An analysis of Innovative Elements in Television Programmes

Clifton Pulis
Innovation Patterns in the Mobile Telephony Industry: A Case Study of IPhone Usage
Anthony Cardona
Stress vs Creativity: A Corporate Perspective

Clayton Mercieca
An Exploration of the Development of Coaching in Malta and its Creative Aspects

Maria Elizabeth Schembri
Culture and Creativity in Vittoriosa: A Case Study Analysis
Rachel Rose Blackburn Sciberras
Innovation Management in Audiovisual Production Organisations in Malta

Patrick Cuschieri
Benchmarking Aviation Security Training Standards to achieve an Innovative Training Programme for Malta

Carla Farrugia
Pop/Jam: Creativity and Meaning Making in Popular Media Cultures

Gavril Flores
Leadership and Creativity: An Analysis of Creative Leadership at Visual Trends International

Kim Galea
Why do We Choose Who We Choose? What Women Want: A Creative Study on Human Behaviour

Esther Huy
Climate is Changing, when will Malta be energy saving? Local attitudes towards renewable sources of energy, and the generating of ideas to aid green energy in Malta

Christopher Magri
Stimulating Innovation through Demand Side Policies: A Case Study of Malta's Innovative Public Sector Procurement Policy

Stella Robertson
A Comparision of the Creative Processes of Psychodrama and Design (Through thinking, feeling and action)

Kevin Schembri
The Thinking Cardiac Surgeon: An Analysis of Intra-Operative Decision Making

Martin Schwarzer
Assessing the correlation of Creativity and Foresight - A grounded theory-related approach

Andrea Stellato
The Role of Benchmarking and Foresight in Malta's R&I Policy Design

Zoltan Wysmyk
Creativity and Cognitive Skills of Leadership: The Catalytic Role of Creativity in the development of Cognative Skills of Leadership
Maria Sabrina Agius
Poverty Portrayed: A Creative Role for Maltese Television

Miren Arruza Zuazo
Creativity in Special Events - A Case Study on European Public Service Broadcasters

Olga Bogdanova
Enhancing the Creative Process through the Loesje Creative Text Writing Technique

Jon Egia Bengoetxea
Social Entrepreneurahip and Innovation: A Case Study on International Awards

Tania Farrugia
Creativity and Innovation in a Non-Governmental Organisation in Malta

Isabel Fereday
Thinking Media - Exposing Creativity at a London Media Planning Agency

Marcia Grima
Museums and Local Communities in Valletta

Christine Lofaro
Creativity and Art in Overcoming Boredom in the Primary Classroom

Marylyn Mifsud
Reading Edward de Bono - Teaching Thinking and Teaching Creativity

Matt Poschwald
Analysis of the UK’s Nightclub Industry and Creativity

Melanie Schembri
Innovation Patterns in the Video Gaming Industry

Wendy Shapiro
Promoting Creative Thinking Skills in Post-Soviet Countries: An Evaluation of a Summer Program for Youths in Ukraine and Armenia

Elizabeth Vella
Fostering a Creative Environment in Maltese Primary Schools

Ying Xue
Online Game Obsession in Mainland China concerning the Enhancement of Creativity
Olena Baeva
An Enquiry into the Possible Correlation Between Creativity and Negative Behavioural Patterns

Leonie Baldacchino
The Role of Creativity and Innovation in Maltese Start-up Success

Peter Brincat
Art of Ideas

Conrad Buttigieg
A Critical Evaluation of the New Product Development Experiences of Malta Based Manufacturers

Louis John Camilleri
Eyes Open Wide: Thinking about Race and Broadening Perception to Combat Racism

Elizabeth DeDomenico
Creativity in Early Childhood

Andreana Dibben
Creativity in Professional Social Work Supervision

Neville Dimech
Learning Outcomes for Maltese Primary Schools of the Future

Maria Grech Magro
Creativity and Innovation in Gozo Micro-Enterprises

Michael Gruszczynski
Creativity and its Practical Use in Everyday Situations: Implementing Creativity in the Everyday

Kathryn Konrath
The Emerging American Workplace and the Skills Needed by Young People for Successful Future Employability

Keith Pisani
Applying the de Bono Tools and Ideas to Mediation

David Pulis
Innovations in Governance in the Contemporary Commonwealth

Emanuel Pulis
Sports Marketing: Creative and Innovative Solutions on Campus

Natalie Swaine Nwoko
Creative Thinking for Social Interventions

Adriana Tedesco
Enhancing Creativity and Innovation in the Hotel Industry

Barbara Trotman
Retail Therapy? The Importance of Creativity in Customer Service in a Competitive Market

JingYao Xu
Form Follows Concept: Generation of Architectural Concepts

Yuanyuan Zhang
The Idea System in China Cultural Centre in Malta
Angele Azzopardi Giuliano
The Role of Foresight in Culture Digitisation Policies in the Mediterranean

Sergio Azzopardi
Fostering ICT Innovation: Encouraging Innovation Through Domain and Technical Expert Interaction

Monica Bugeja
Innovative Approach to Music Education: Combining Eastern and Western Thought

Ing. Emanuel Darmanin
The Creative Leader: An Asset or a Hindrance for Organisational Creativity and Innovation?

Natalie Debono
Creative Thinking: An Untapped Resource in Voluntary Youth Organizations

Joan A. Hamilton
Personality Styles: The Impact on Innovation

Joseph Micallef
Between Marketing and Creativity Tools, Which are the Most Suitable for Maltese SMEs?

Richard A Muscat
Systematic Simplicity: The Value of Simplicity in Entrepreneurial Ventures

Stephen Portelli
Innovation in the Financial Services Industry in Malta

Shirley Pulis Xerxen
Perceptions of teachers in Malta concerning creativity in education