Testimonials - M.A. students

Have a look at what our Master in Innovation and Creativity students think about their experience with us.

Luca Arrigo

Bsc. Pharmaceutical Technology
Founder: Malta Pub Crawl

Co-Founder: Winebox Inc.

President: Erasmus Student Network Malta 
Master in Creativity and Innovation
Current Student

Throughout my undergraduate studies I had already begun my career in entrepreneurship. Coming from a science background, I felt that my education needed a new twist in a novel direction. After researching LinkedIn and deconstructing the career paths of local leaders, I found a common factor between some of Malta's highest achieving entrepreneurs and CEOs in The Edward de Bono Institute. I can say with confidence that during my studies it was a pleasure to be immersed in a classroom with a very diverse student population. Students of all ages and walks of life study at the Institute, with an excellent mix of nationalities. 

Be prepared to share experiences and knowledge with your classmates, as the Institute culture takes on a natural element of collaboration. You will team up with students from a wide range of backgrounds including science, commerce, education and the arts. This eclectic mix of students are nurtured by an open minded and flexible administration who clearly love what they do.

The Edward de Bono Institute delivers an empowering programme that is shaping the movers and shakers at University of Malta. 

Nadia Boffa

B.Sc. Physiotherapy (Hons)
Medical representative

Master in Creativity and Innovation
graduated in November 2017

I decided to read for a Master in Creativity and Innovation on a part-time basis, since I am employed as a Medical Representative in a busy local SME that operates in the local private and public markets. This Master programme has definitely helped to bridge the gap between my healthcare background and my current career in the medical sales industry, since it is designed to equip students to become more innovative, and to support those around them in becoming more innovative too.

This is achieved through the creative teaching of problem solving tools and idea generation techniques that can be easily transferred from the classroom to the workplace. In fact, understanding today’s business environment, the ability to manage people and be a good sales person are a cornerstone in this modern and dynamic healthcare field that I work in.

Hence, this well-taught Master’s degree has equipped me with the appropriate tools to innovate in patient care and to rethink the health ‘business model’. It has enabled me not only to identify new and innovative technologies when liaising with overseas suppliers, but also finding new ways of doing things in the workplace, by exploring, developing and launching new initiatives, thereby allowing me to navigate and thrive in the rapidly changing and uncertain healthcare environment.

Of particular relevance to my current employment was the focus on entrepreneurship, and using one’s creativity to create effective business plans for the planning and/or grown of a venture, by developing effective marketing plans and financial models. I believe that the combined theoretical, academic and practical approach of this master’s programme has helped to unleash my business creativity and has enabled me to work better in multidisciplinary teams to ultimately reach the common workforce goals. Furthermore, in addition to the curriculum and classroom experience, this course has offered several opportunities to meet, learn from, and network with leading industry professionals and I would highly recommend this educational journey to anyone wishing to improve their collaborative working skills.

David Demicoli

Master in Creativity and Innovation
Business Development Manager at CasaSoft Ltd

graduated in November 2016

Reading for the Master in Creativity and Innovation was a tough and challenging experience, but one which I will never regret. It develops an individual holistically, providing an individual with skills and knowledge which are hard to acquire elsewhere. Students during my studies were coming from different academic backgrounds and countries, so we always had a lot to share and learn from each other. The skills, knowledge and understanding I gained from this Master’s degree can be applied in any field, any industry, and any venture in life. I personally apply my skills and knowledge at my place of work on a daily basis.Speaking from my experience, I can say that this Master’s degree broadened my horizons and increased my opportunities. Today’s trans-disciplinary world of business makes it crucial to cross boundaries between different disciplines. Critical thinking becomes vital for organisations operating in today’s dynamic world, in order to come up with creative solutions and innovative strategies.I believe that achieving this Master’s degree equipped me with solid foundations which I can continue to build upon and grow, both in my career as well as in my personal life.
Anna Galea
Artist (www.annagalea.com)

Master in Creativity and Innovation
graduated in November 2013

Exceptional in many ways – this is how I describe this experience. The course covers various disciplines that are very relevant in today’s digital age, where new technologies keep changing circumstances that in turn trigger new opportunities. Students are made conscious of the importance of abandoning a preconceived worldview, and of opening up to a lateral way of thinking. This outlook is actually liberating and can be applied to practically anything – from performing otherwise boring everyday life chores, to being innovative in one’s own area of specialization – in my case art. The study-units are carefully planned to equip students with a wide-ranging set of thinking tools that are so valid in the 21st century. Most of my fellow-students hailed from different countries and had different careers and backgrounds: in IT, marketing, accounting, tourism, entrepreneurship, teaching dance and drama, painting, etc. But we could all relate to the wealth of instruction presented by very able and dedicated academics. Lively discussion was actively encouraged during lectures and this resulted in vibrant interaction between lecturers and students that was mentally stimulating and challenging. Some assignments involved group work and delivering presentations. The Institute took my (and every other student’s) research for the dissertation very seriously and consequently the eventual outcome of the hard work involved was self-enriching. I can say that my outlook towards life in general and my passion as a painter has as a consequence been dramatically affected. I strongly recommend this course to those who wish to make the most of life – a creative way of living, from making a simple omelette more exciting, to being in the forefront in a present or future career. 

Clayton Mercieca
Community Manager - Allied Rainbow Communities
former National President of JCI Malta and Manager for Investment Promotion at Malta Enterprise
Master in Creativity and Innovation
graduated in November 2010

'Creativity' and 'Innovation' have become more than buzzwords in today’s organisations whether in the Public, Private or Voluntary Sector – they have become inherent values in their respective strategies. The Master in Creativity and Innovation was an excellent platform as it exposed me to different tools, techniques and practices on how organisations and individuals can achieve that much-needed competitive edge and improved service.

Being an interdisciplinary course, sharing knowledge of different disciplines amongst students was greatly facilitated and widened students’ perspectives on many levels. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to take away those blinkers which limit our thoughts, ideas and practices.

Michela Moser
Head of Sourcing at epunkt (Austria)

Master in Creativity and Innovation
graduated in November 2013

I still remember my time in Malta as one of the most exciting times in my life. Not a single month has passed in which I wasn't using the knowledge and tools of our Masters degree in work and in private life. I started my career as a recruiter in Austria's most successful recruiting agency when I graduated in 2013, and today I am Head of one of the most innovative departments in our organisation leading a team of 17. And I love it! I often think back about my time in Malta and what I have learnt. Moreover, I try to apply all the tools and techniques as well as my innovation-mindset as often as I can. It helped me a lot getting to where I am now.

Samantha Pace Gasan

B.A. Hons. in Social Work / Policy

Master in Creativity and Innovation
completed in June 2020

Creativity is often associated with the arts, whereas innovation is believed to relate primarily to technological advancements. However, both creativity and innovation are much more than that. In fact, I applied for the Master in Creativity and Innovation because I wanted to enhance my capacity with regards to innovation in the social sector.The content of the programme is captivating and diverse, to say the least. I have learnt about areas which were not of my primary interest, but have expanded my perspective towards addressing societal challenges. Having been part of a group of students coming from different educational and professional backgrounds was also essential to the learning experience, as this enriched the idea generating processes during group work. I now not only feel confident to apply creative thinking skills in my work, but realise the importance of creativity and innovation in a world where we’re always competing for resources!Throughout this journey I have not only continued to develop professionally, but I have also grown on a personal level. Having faced medical challenges during the course of my studies, the genuine support of the staff at the Edward de Bono Institute was vital for me to make it to the finish line. I also found that creative thinking challenged my perspectives and helped me through the toughest moments.I would personally recommend this course to anyone who is interested in growth and development, be it on a personal or professional level.

Gordon Pisani

Co-founder Kite Group
Master in Creativity and Innovation
graduated in 2017

After graduating as Legal Procurator and B.A. in Legal and Humanistic Studies from the University of Malta in 1996, I worked for 18 years in legal practice, communications and politics. Throughout these years I was responsible for media and information campaigns, and worked as part of a team tasked with the formulation and implementation of policies and political strategies. In all these roles creativity and innovation play a crucial role. They require the elimination of pre-conceived ideas, a critical examination of issues, the radical questioning of assumptions that are very often accepted as unchallenged truths and the necessity to embrace change. They also require foresight and the ability to disseminate new thoughts and ideas.

The Masters course in Creativity and Innovation caters for all this as I discovered first-hand when I joined the programme. It offers knowledge and practice of a wide range of 21st century skills, new perspectives on contemporary issues and also the possibility of exploring areas of study outside the traditional curriculum and beyond one’s comfort zone. I had the opportunity to research an area which, for me, was completely new namely, the creation of rubrics for self-assessment and learning in fields of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in primary and secondaryeducation.

Furthermore the analysis of new approaches and attitudes to entrepreneurship, as one of the main components of the Masters course in the Edward de Bono Institute, has enabled me to develop new skills and techniques in my present role as director of a recently formed publishing house. The need to foster a culture of creativity and an environment that promotes and facilitates new thoughts and ideas is one of the pre-requisites for the successful operation of any society, organisation, business or place of work. The course addresses these issues in an innovative, holistic and strategic manner.

The lecturers were always extremely willing to engage in fruitful discussions during lectures and with all those who sought their advice after the lectures. Their lecturing skills, the academic knowledge and the analysis they shared with students were intriguing. Their passion is contagious. All these factors render the course an enjoyable, insightful and enriching learning experience.
Elizabeth Pulo
Programme Coordinator at JAYE Malta Foundation

Master in Creativity and Innovation
graduated in November 2017

I came across this Masters during the last year of my B.Commerce, as I was contemplating the possibility of a gap year to figure out my career path. While browsing the courses available at the University of Malta, the Master in Creativity and Innovation immediately caught my attention. The wide variety of subjects and the discussion and self-learning approach that the course triggers was something I was very keen on, in contrast to the usual full on theoretical approach. The biggest eye-opening aspect and added value of the course was the class and student dynamic. Everyone was coming from a different discipline and path of life which added so much value to the conversations and class discussions. We were automatically challenging each other simply by having unique thinking approaches that forced us to really take into account different concepts and perspectives, and therefore allowing us to practice what we were learning about. In itself, the course may sound abstract and might be a challenge to understand the purpose of studying concepts such as innovation and creativity, in which many may think they are already experts. However this course is such an eye-opener to how much we are in fault by assuming we know what these concepts mean and how to use them in our daily personal or working life. Ultimately this course also opened many opportunities for me to give workshops in AIESEC and other spaces including my work. Lastly, the Institute practices what it preaches, as the staff members are always in full support and find ways to allow students to flourish without 'killing their creativity’.

Amanda Jo Grech

Master in Creativity and Innovation

graduated in November 2017

When I chose my first degree, which was a B.Sc. in Physiotherapy, all I knew was that I loved biology and I wanted to work with people. Looking back, even though I am proud of being a physiotherapist and have the opportunity to help people daily, I realise that at that point in time I did not know enough about myself. I also must admit that my learning experience within that environment was not a very good one. I graduated, happy to begin an independent working life but it was not long before I began to feel myself descend into apathy. I had lost interest in my profession and felt somewhat alienated. I knew that I needed to do something and when a friend suggested undertaking a Masters in Creativity and Innovation I signed up right away. That is it. 

There was no grand story to how I ended up taking this Masters. All I knew was that I needed to do something different but at that point I had no idea how those 3 years would so utterly change my life. I still work as a physiotherapist, so one might wonder what was the point, especially if one only views a Master as an attempt to step up the hierarchical ladder, but the change was not so much with my profession but, even better, within myself and in the way I see and understand the world. It really is the Institute for the Design and Development of Thinking. Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Foresight are more than just concepts but powerful tools that helps one to turn every event into a potential opportunity, analyse and guide decision making and turn thoughts, ideas, situations and experiences into resources. The learning environment was encouraging, friendly and open and I discovered a new confidence in my abilities that allowed me to challenge myself further and learn how to explore and use my skills for the better.

The best thing of all is that it helped me discover a new love for my profession and every day I try to find new ways to put them to use both personally and professionally. I have become more involved in my work place, with both patients and colleagues and have a new respect not only for my ideas but those of others. I truly believe that these are the concepts around which most of the world and human endeavour revolve because creativity is the most basic and essential part of being human. Understanding creativity helps us to understand ourselves better.