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RSE3002 Resilience, Positive Psychology and Wellbeing (4ECTS)

Optional study unit, first semester 

Resilience, positive psychology and other strengths-based approaches to human development have been gaining increasing salience in both research and practice in the last decades in various contexts such as families, schools, communities, health systems and the work place amongst others. There is increasing demand for more knowledge and skills related to these areas across disciplines ranging from psychology, counselling, social work, to education, to health related professionals to human resources and the workplace. This broad study unit is recommended for all students at the University, particularly those in the faculties of social wellbeing, education, and health sciences, who wish to learn more about the fields of resilience, positive psychology and other strengths based approaches and their application to various contexts such as homes, schools, communities and health related contexts. 


RSH3002 Promoting positive behaviour and emotional literacy in primary schools (4 ECTS)

This study unit seeks to provide primary classroom teachers with the knowledge and skills to promote the social and emotional literacy of pupils in their classroom and to develop strategies to prevent and respond effectively to such challenging pupil behaviour. The first part of the course is aimed at enabling teachers to develop children’s social and emotional skills both directly as well as through their own attitudes, behaviour, pedagogy and classroom management. The second part aims to help teachers gain an understanding of the nature and causes of challenging behaviour in the classroom from a holistic, biopsychosocial perspective and develop effective strategies in both preventing and dealing with challenging behaviour. This study unit is offered in the B.Ed (Hons) Primary programme at the Faculty of Education.


RSH 3003 Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Early Years (4 ECTS)

This study unit seeks to address a growing need in Maltese early years and primary schools, namely the promotion of positive behaviour and the prevention and effective response to challenging behaviour in early years education. It reflects the current changes and challenges being faced by classroom teachers in the early years, and seeks to provide them with the necessary tools to help them promote social and emotional education and respond effectively to challenging behaviour. It provides course participants with practical tools in creating classroom contexts which promote positive behaviour, mental health and resilience in young children, in preventing and responding effectively to challenging behaviour, and in supporting students presenting social, emotional and behaviour difficulties. This study unit is offered in the B.Ed (Hons) Early Years programme at the Faculty of Education.



RESCUR Surfing the Waves
Training in Adelaide, South Australia

MOV-UP Training Malta, 30th-31st October 2017

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ENSEC Newsletter 2017
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RESCUR Surfing the Waves
Training Workshops for Teachers

ENSEC 2017 Conference Best Poster Award

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New optional study unit
Resilience and Positive Psychology 2017-2018

New EU Report
Report on Prevention of Bullying and Violence in Schools

HOPEs Project
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A sexual health peer education programme

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