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Anamarija Žic Ralić - Social and emotional competence of pupils in inclusive classes in Croatia. [PDF]


Antonella D'Amico - Measuring and empowering Meta-Emotional Intelligence in adolescents. [PDF]


Åsa Wallentin & Patric Bengtsson - Effective components of two social learning models for promoting resilience and social and emotional development in children. [PDF]


Carmen Huser & Amy MacDonald. Children’s demonstration of their competences and agency in research participation. [PDF]

Carmel Cefai, Reni Dimova, Ozden Bademci, & Figen Karadayi - Diversity, teacher education and early school leaving. [PDF]

Celeste Y. M. Yuen - Understanding School Engagement of Immigrant, Ethnic Minority and Underprivileged Mainstream Youth in Hong Kong. [PDF]

Charli Eriksson - Effects of SEL education on children’s socio-emotional competencies across Europe: results of EAP_SEL project. [PDF]

Charli Eriksson - Might SEL programs affect mental health at the population level? Contribution to a roundtable discussion. [PDF]

Ching-Yu Huang - Cultural Perspectives On Parenting, Trait Ei And Psychological Health In Taiwanese Children. [PDF]

David Colley - Emotional Well Being as part of Initial Teacher Training. [PDF]

Diana Samaan, Ramzi Kandalaft, & Raed Khatab/ Palestinian Bible Society - SET Implementation in Palestine 2012 - 2017: Promoting Valuing Differences towards Conflict Transformation. [PDF]

Dr. José María Avilés Martínez, Dña. Mª Victoria Vián Barón & Dra. Luciene R.P. Tognetta - Peer Support, Convivencia And Bullying Prevention. [PDF]

Helen Cowie & Carrie-Ann Myers - Does Brexit Necessarily Lead To Xenophobia? Does diversity in society inevitably lead to a rise in bullying, intolerance and discrimination? [PDF]


Jean Hughes & Sophie Jacques - SEAK Canada: An Exploration of the Effects of PATHS on Behaviour, Cost-Benefit, Health Service Use. [PDF]

Lúcia Canha - Improving inclusion: An evidence-based social emotional approach. [PDF]

Luciene Regina Paulino Tognetta, Rafael Petta Daud & José Maria Avilés Martínez Lucienne Tognetta - The Brazilian Experience About The Establishment Of Helping Teams At School. [PDF]

Maria S. Poulou - Preschoolers’ emotion and behavior responses to peer provocation and early school adjustment. [PDF]

Maria-Pia Gottberg - Make friends with your feelings. [PDF]

Niva Dolev - Developing Teachers’ Social Emotional Competence:Processes and Elements. [PDF]

Peter K. Smith - Cyberbullying in young people: an overview of its nature and impact. [PDF]

Rashid Aziz - Exploring the nature and extent of hate crime in schools and interventions to combat it. [PDF]

Sue Roffey - The Less Mentioned Dimensions! An Interactive Workshop. [PDF-PPT] [PDF-Chapter]

Svein Erik Nergaard, Hanne Jahnsen, Kirsti Tveitereid & Hildegunn Fandrem - Inclusion of Immigrants in Norwegian Schools: The role of Introductory Classes, Belonging and Diversity. [PDF]

Tania Hart - Strengthening our assistance by ensuring children have their say and their voices are valued. [PDF]



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