Centre for Resilience & Socio-Emotional Health



Students for Healthy Living (SFHL) is a group of trained University students who provide health promotion programmes for their fellow students on campus.

Peer education plays a significant role in an undergraduate’s growth and development and students are very well placed to encourage their peers to develop healthy habits, attitudes and lifestyles regarding such issues as alcohol, smoking, drugs, nutrition, exercise, stress management, sexual health and mental health amongst others.

The programme makes use of both virtual and face to face encounters to reach the students, with interactive, student-friendly facebook, face to face meetings, seminars and individual coaching. It consists of five areas:   HEAT: Healthy Eating Awareness and Tips SMART: Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques SAM: Substance Abuse and Misuse iMAP: Improving Mental Health Amongst Peers SHAPE: Sexual Health and Peer Education. Students For Healthy Living is included in DegreePlus. Find us on facebook.

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