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DGP0501 - Culture & Heritage

Semester 1

Delve into Malta's rich history and discover the wealth of heritage of the Maltese Islands. Explore places of historic significance on a weekly basis and learn what defines Maltese culture.

Transport will be provided to and from University, pick up spot is at the roundabout infront the main entrance of University opposite Mater Dei Hospital at the University Bus Terminus Mater Dei Hospital Side.

Visits will be held on Wednesdays.

Please note that apart from the Degreeplus fee of 15.00 Euro there is a student fee of 1.00 Euro per visit as entrance fee. The 1.00 Euro payable on the bus to the Tutor on the way to the visit, very important that the exact amount [1.00 Euro] should be given.

For a detailed Study Unit description please click here.

DGP0505 - Flora of the Maltese Islands - Awareness and Appreciation

Semester 1

This DGP unit is for students who wish to improve their skills in appreciating the natural and cultivated flora of the Maltese Islands. The unit will cover the following topic: Plants in nature, their survival strategies and importance for life on earth, indigenous versus exotic plants, cultivated plants, plant care and plant propagation, uses of plants beyond food – an ethno botanic perspective. The last few sessions will be dedicated to shaping and sharpening our sense of observation though garden and country walks for nature appreciation.

Lectures will be held on Fridays.

For a detailed Study Unit description please click here. 

DGP0506 - Baroque Art in Malta from Caravaggio to Mattia Preti

Semester 1

This DGP unit seeks to provide students with a survey of Baroque art in Malta from its onset through Caravaggio’s realism to its triumphant peak with Mattia Preti’s works. The artists' oeuvres will be discussed and students will be introduced to critical analysis and will learn to place the works within the Baroque style.

Lectures will be held on Wednesdays | Saturdays.

Please note that four sessions out of seven sessions are going to be held on Saturdays.

For a detailed Study Unit description please click here.

DGP0507 - Pyrotechnics in the Maltese Context 

Semester 1

Fireworks form a distinctive component of the intangible cultural heritage of several countries.  This DegreePlus unit will delve into the exciting world of fireworks, their manufacture, legislation, etc. It will focus mainly on fireworks in the Maltese context. Highly skilled Maltese pyrotechnists will be invited to share their experiences and knowhow with the students.

Please note that the course will be held in English and Maltese, but a substantial part will be given in Maltese [especially Maltese terms used in fireworks]. 

Lectures will be held on Wednesdays.

For a detailed Study Unit description please click here.

DGP0496 - Ancient Greek Mythology

Semester 1

This eight-week course will introduce students to the realm of Ancient Greek Mythology. Throughout the study-unit we shall discuss the impact that these myths had on Ancient Greek civilisation and how these myths affected the culture and society of the people that believed in them. Students will be also introduced to mythology through ancient literary sources such as Homer and Hesiod, as well as through ancient drama such as the tragedies of Euripides.  

Lectures will be held on Wednesdays.

For a detailed Study Unit description please click here.

DGP0497 - An Overview of Greek and Roman History

Semester 2

A mixed-focus Thematic Approach which seeks to explore elements of Greek and Roman history through a thematic rather than chronological approach that puts the emphasis on these themes rather than on the narrative.

Lectures will be held on Wednesdays. 

For a detailed Study Unit description please click here.



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