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Voluntary Work and Social Responsibility

Now you can lend a helping hand and get your work recognised by University through DegreePlus!The Voluntary Work stream will give you the opportunity to help others through your involvement in approved voluntary work projects. This will help you sustain the ‘voluntary’ spirit and get exposure to certain social realities in Malta and abroad. You will also get the opportunity to work in teams and to learn and develop the necessary support skills thereby enhancing your social skills and learn how to implement effective planning.

Join DegreePlus Voluntary Work and experience voluntary work. This experience will certainly enrich you.
At present, DegreePlus is offering three Voluntary Work units:

    * DGP0201 - Voluntary Work - Semester 1 and Semester 2
    * DGP0205 - Voluntary Work Summer Programme - Summer Semester
    * DGP0210 - Voluntary Work Abroad - Semester 1, Semester 2 and Summer Semester

Important Note: A schedule of available placements is available, please click here.

December 2017 Voluntary Work Placements please click here

For more information please contact the Voluntary Work co-ordinator on or on 23402341.

Recognition for Voluntary Work 

If you are already doing voluntary work you may apply for this and you will be recognised. To apply please contact the Voluntary Work coordinator on or on 23402341.

For the above units which are offered by third parties and are recognised & accredited by DegreePlus. The University of Malta shall not be held responsible for the content and/or delivery of such units and shall not be held liable for any claims, demands or actions that may arise out of the content and/or delivery of these units.

DGP0220 - Reaching Out 1: Befriending and Befriended

Semester 1

This unit gives the opportunity to students to provide friendship and social support to service users with mental health issues as part of the Befriending Volunteer Programme organized by Mt Carmel Hospital Psychological Services, Health Directorate. It is open for students who have already developed basic communication and helping skills as part of their training, namely students in their final years of their course at the Faculties for Social Wellbeing, Medicine and Surgery or Health Sciences. Students will be expected to give one to two hours per week to a befriended (a service user with mental health issues) to develop a one to one relationship and engage in a range of experiences and activities together. Activities may involve going out for a coffee and a chat, going out for a walk, eating out, a cultural visit, cinema, shopping, or accompanying befriendee to an appointment. Students will be provided with training, guidance and supervision/mentoring during the whole programme.

For a detailed Study Unit description please click here. 

DGP0221 - Reaching Out 2: Befriending and Befriended 

(Pre-requisite DGP0220)

Semester 2 

For further information regarding DGP0220/DGP0221 kindly send an email to Prof Carmel Cefai on 

For a detailed Study Unit description please click here.


Last Updated: 9 January 2018

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