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DGP0601 - Work with Student Organisations


Are you active within a Student Organisation? If you belong to a Senate-approved Student Organisation, Degree+ is giving you the opportunity to have your work and contributions officially recognised. 

Kindly fill in the Work with Student Organisations form and return a hard copy of the report by the end of June 2019 at the Degree+ office.

Work with Student Organisations Form click here.

For a detailed Study Unit description please click here.

Activities with Student Organisations


ASCS is the student organisation which represents all FEMA students whereby it is the ideal bridge between the faculty and its students. ASCS’ culture encompasses student activism wholeheartedly and it therefore, thrives within this aspect. In fact, ASCS+ has been devised to make its students’ experience more enriching and worthwhile, whereby participation in any such activities shall be degree plus recognised: 

ASCS+ Industry: Attending 4 or more Industry Activities held throughout the academic year (Semester 1 and Semester 2).

ASCS+ International: Attending any of our trips, all trips will be held in second semester.

ASCS+ Live-in 2018 - First Semester.

ASCS+ Subcommittees: completing 16 hours or more in any subcommittee held throughout the academic year (Semester 1 and Semester 2).

The KSU & ASCS Financial Workshop, date is still to be confirmed.


Betapsi+ is a DegreePlus program devised for all psychology students including those who are taking up psychology as a subsidiary. Its purpose is to encourage students’ active participation, introducing them to the professional world. 

Betapsi is a Senate recognised students’ organisation which represents all psychology students in Malta and Gozo. Betapsi organises numerous academic activities, of which students must attend a minimum of 16 hours in order to satisfy the degreeplus requirements.  Betapsi+ activities include:

-Betapsi Live In

-Malta Student Psychology Forum (MSPF)

-360 conference 

-Educational workshops 

-Visits to mental health institutions

-Student exchange

-Student trip

-Active participation within Betapsi 

-Mind the Mind Campaign Workshops (individual needs to be a volunteer) 

To become a Betapsi member you can either visit our Freshers’ stand or send an email on for more information. Please feel free to visit our website and Facebook page for continuous updates.  


AIESEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. We are a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organisation run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or national/social origin.

Several AIESEC activities are recognized by DegreePlus.  For more information:


GħSL+ is a Degree+ Unit devised for law students, aimed at enhancing their educational experience, profile and CV. 

GħSL (Malta Law Students’ Society) organises more than 70 hours of academic activities annually, of which students must accumulate just 16 in order to satisfy requirements. GħSL+ Activities are categorised into 3 distinct Degree+ Study Units, namely:

• GħSL+ Live-In – Join us for the Annual GħSL Live-In

• GħSL+ International – Accompany us on any one of our International Trips or Exchanges

• GħSL+ Academic – Attend a minimum of 16 hours’ worth of GħSL’s several Educational Seminars, Policy Conferences and Innovative Events including Moot Courts and other academic competitions.

GħSL Membership may be signed-up for via the GħSL website To register for GħSL+, simply e-mail us at indicating your name and I.D. number, or come over to our GħSL stand during Freshers’ Week. 

Don’t forget to follow our website and Facebook page to keep track of our various activities!


By participating in in the following ELSA+ Activities: (The European Law Students’ Association Malta), law students will be able to get a DegreePlus recognition.

In Semester 1:

-Attend To Sessions

-Elsa Goes To ...

-Moot Court (November).

In Semester 2:

-Crime 101,

-Institutional Visit,

-Chapter Zero and

-The Negotiation Competition.

For further details please visit our website:,


Email: or '


UESA+ was designed for engineering students who attend educational events hosted by UESA (University Engineering Student Association). To become a UESA member, one has to be enrolled student with Faculty of Engineering in the University of Malta when registering on the UESA website, The students will have to satisfy a number of criteria to achieve this study-unit, at the end of the academic year.

They will have to attend:

-The Annual UESA Live in Two

-Educational Seminar

-Industrial Visits.

Details regarding each event will be posted on the UESA website and Facebook page at their respective stage.


DegreePlus recognition can be achieved by MMSA members participating in 1 event of each of these standing committees:

-Attend one event organised by SCOPH (standing committee on Public Health)

-Attend one event organised by SCOME (standing committee on Medical Education)

-Attend one event organised by SCORA (standing committee on Reproduction and sexual health)

-Attend one event organised by SCOPET (standing committee on Peer education and training)

-Attend one event organised by SCORP (standing committee on human rights and peace)

JEF Malta +

JEF (Young European Federalists) Malta is a non-partisan youth NGO and political movement, as well as a student organisation within the University of Malta. Internationally, we form part of JEF Europe, which is also a trans-partisan federalist movement and NGO, active in over 35 European countries. Throughout the years, ever since our journey began in 2002, we have striven to further the cause of European integration and increase awareness of the EU and EU affairs among youths.  

Following a very successful campaign last year, entitled Zero Hour, this year we aim to continue our mission through our new campaign – Generation Europe. This will involve:

- A one-day seminar every month, tackling different controversial issues, such as health, defence, feminism, and European identity, amongst others

- A two-day general live-in in October, dealing with public speaking, organisational development, and other useful tools for our sector

-Work within our sub-committee

- A trip abroad

-Various social events

To become a JEF Malta member, kindly visit our stand at Freshers’ week, or contact us through our email –

All our activities are DegreePlus recognised, as long as at least 16hours worth of activities are attended 


S-Cubed+ is a program specially designed for science students to engage in activities which will enhance their life on campus. S-Cubed (Science Students' Society) organizes many events throughout both semesters which are recognized by DegreePlus.

Activities include:

-S-Cubed’s Annual Seminar 

-Annual Science Conference

-Various site visits

-Eureka – a presentation of science experiments to school children

-Subcommittee workshops

-International trips

For further details visit:





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