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Analysis stream

Isabelle Kniestedt

IsabelleIsabelle has a background in creating visual art for video games, with a specialization in animation. Over the years she has had various roles in both animation and game projects, developing skills in 2D and 3D animation, 3D modeling, illustration, game design and programming. She is particularly interested in telling small, personal stories with her work and exploring ways of how games can be used for purposes other than entertainment. Her thesis revolves around identifying transformative properties of game design through auto-ethnographic research.

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Technology stream

Elizabeth Camilleri

bethElizabeth has a background in designing and developing software systems with a particular focus on intelligent systems and digital games. Her research interest is to model player behaviour and implement intelligent systems within digital games in order to enhance the player's experience. Her thesis focuses on constructing computational models of player experience that can generalise well across games of dissimilar types.

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