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Dr Saviour Formosa of the Department of Criminology is organising session entitled 'Space and Crime – why it is important to know your location'. 

Social Interaction happens somewhere. We all operate in a 'real' world in tandem with a gradual migration into virtual worlds. Crime, which is intrinsic to social interactivity, operates in both worlds. This session concerns the 'real' world, its structures and phenomena. Crime operates in a world of offenders and offences as well as victims, investigators and criminologists. This session will help us understand what makes up such social interactivity and how crime occurs. We look at the dynamics of crime in terms of what occurs, who commits such an action and then investigate the how, why, when and where of such activities. We also look at technology and how it helps us to understand such actions.

The session will be held on Tuesday 28 October at 1100hrs.

Fun Run
A Fun Run/ Walk and Relay will be held on Sunday 26 October ...
Last Updated: 25 August 2014

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