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Activities organised by the University of Malta Library

Bake Sale
The University of Malta Library Staff will bake all sorts of sweet and savoury goodies including cakes, muffins, cupcakes, brownies and more. On Sunday 26 October, from 1000hrs to 1700hrs, a stand with these goodies will be found outside the Library building. All proceeds from the baking delights sold on this day will be donated to Inspire.

Library Tours
The University of Malta Main Library is the only academic library in Malta catering for multidisciplinary academic and research areas. The Library provides research material for an audience of over 12,000 students and approximately 1,500 academic members of staff. During the Library Tour the audience will learn about the different departments which make up a Library it is not just about books on shelves. During the tour, librarians will describe how different collections are found in different departments. The process of a book from purchasing until placing on a shelf will be explained. The audience will also learn about the various librarian jobs which are 'invisible', yet as important. During this experience various library departments will be visited.

Storytelling through Images
This particular activity will explore storytelling through illustrations, whereby the simple combination of text and image creates meaning and the act of giving a sequence to such images furthermore creates a narrative. Mr Samwel Mallia will be showcasing the process of creating a comic/graphic narrative and will invite attendees to sketch out and create their own stories on papers that will be provided. The stand will be decorated with relevant excerpts, printouts and literature to further convey the scope of the activity. This event will be held on Sunday 26 October from 1100hrs to 1600hrs on Library Terrace. 

Exhibitions in the Library Foyer are scheduled to be held during Discover University week. The exhibitions are going to held in collaboration with :
  1. Coin Exhibition by the Central Bank – in the Library Foyer
    The exhibition features the banknotes used in Malta during the 40-year period starting in 1968, when the Central Bank of Malta started functioning, and ending in 2008 when Malta adopted the Euro. Along with the different series of banknotes there is on exhibit the coinage that was in circulation at the time. An additional feature focuses on Malta’s first decimal coinage issued in 1972. The display also includes coin designs, plaster models and dies used to mint the coins.
  2. Research, Innovation and Development Trust (RIDT) – a poster exhibition on Level 2 of the Library
    The exhibition portrays a number of research projects that are currently going on within the various departments of the University of Malta. The posters place an emphasis on the researchers, and bring out the benefits that such studies will have on society. The exhibition is intended to be understood by the general public and therefore it presents the science and research in a popular language. This is done while ensuring that the scientific concepts are not diluted or compromised.
    Parallel to the poster display, the RIDT exhibition will also include a 40-minute documentary which has been commissioned this year for Science in the City. The documentary, produced by Studioseven, takes a close look at the Maltese genome and at our origins. This is conveyed through a journey around the various research activities within the University of Malta that are related to genetics. Research areas include rare diseases, diabetes, neurology and cancer. The documentary brings out the researchers and places a focus on the contribution that the University of Malta is making in this particular area.
  3. Synchronized Spaces  – in the Library Foyer
    Sara Pace, who is a Maltese trained artist, brings the vibrancy of the Mediterranean culture in this art exhibition, which is mostly enclosed within black frames so as to make the jewel-like colours of her works stand out. These works are representative of the dreamlike landscapes which many forget they are surrounded by. Her work captures memories, light, weather and mood – emotions which the artist thrives on. As a teacher herself, Sara aims to promote local art created by young emerging artists, who have the future portrayal of the islands and the local culture in their hands.
Meet the Author

Two authors, Mr Kenneth Caruana and Mr Charles Casha, speak about their writing experiences to the visitors. Mr Kenneth Caruana is a librarian at the Faculty of Arts Library, whilst Mr Charles Casha is a popular children’s author. During these short talks visitors have the opportunity to learn about being an author, how the authors find their inspiration, books in Maltese and more. The audience is free to ask questions to these authors in an informal setting.

Schedule of Activities

Sunday 26 October
  • Bake Sale: 1000hrs – 1700hrs
  • Library Tour: 1100hrs
  • Storytelling through Images: 1100hrs – 1600hrs
  • Meet the Author: 1200hrs 
  • Library Tour: 1300hrs 
  • Meet the Author: 1400hrs 
  • Library Tour: 1500hrs 

Monday 27 October
  • Library Tour: 1000hrs
  • Meet the Author: 1100hrs 
  • Library Tour: 1200hrs

Tuesday 28 October
  • Library Tour: 1000hrs
  • Meet the Author: 1100hrs 
  • Library Tour: 1200hrs

Wednesday 29 October
  • Library Tour: 1000hrs
  • Meet the Author: 1100hrs 
  • Library Tour: 1200hrs

Thursday 30 October
  • Library Tour: 1000hrs
  • Meet the Author: 1100hrs 
  • Library Tour: 1200hrs

Friday 31 October
  • Library Tour: 1000hrs
  • Meet the Author: 1100hrs 
  • Library Tour: 1200hrs

Fun Run
A Fun Run/ Walk and Relay will be held on Sunday 26 October ...
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