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Social Policy and Social Work
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Social Policy and Social Work

Social Policy and Social Work

The Department of Social Policy & Social Work will be organising a number of activities during Discover University

Social Policy

A Global Perspective on Child Poverty
by Sue Vella
Millions of children around the world miss out on their childhood as a result of poverty. Children can experience poverty in their body, minds and hearts, depriving them of the capabilities needed to survive, develop and thrive.   Great achievements have been made over the past century in alleviating child poverty but much remains to be done.  This session will give a global perspective on children in poverty, the issues and trends, and a wide array of initiatives being implemented by various agencies to alleviate child poverty.
Monday 27 October at 1100hrs

The Chocolate Trade Game
by Andrea Dibben and Sue Vella
This session will consist of a simulation activity that looks at the experience of cocoa farmers in a developing country. The aim of the game is to identify the difficulties experienced by many primary producers in the world and highlights how our current trading systems benefit multinational companies in rich countries. The interactive game introduces the concept of fair trade and shows how conditions of farmers in the cocoa trade can be improved through policy initiatives such as the development of farmers' cooperatives.
Tuesday 28 October at 1000hrs

Migration: Creating positive images
by Andrea Dibben
This session will take the participants on a journey to explore the topic of migration, focusing more specifically on the experience of refugees and asylum seekers.   We will first seek to answer two questions: ''Why do people migrate?'' and ''Who are migrants?''.  We will then move on to explore migration patterns and migrant journeys including the typical journey of a sub-Saharan African asylum seeker who makes his/her way to Malta.  We will then discuss the concept of stereotypes and prejudice and will conclude our journey by exploring positive contributions that migrants can make in their new communities. 
Wednesday 29 October at 1000hrs

Social Work

My Social Work Journey
by Daniella Zerafa
The speaker who is a social worker by profession will discuss how her decision to join the social work profession has opened up doors for personal and professional development. She will share her personal experience of working with children and families for ten years within a local social work agency. The relationship between the personal and professional self will be discussed and the richness of social work as a profession will hopefully emerge as a result of the sharing of this personal, professional journey, where the main values and principles of the profession will be put forward.
Thursday 30 October at 1000hrs

Children looked after away from Home
by Daniella Zerafa
The speaker is a social worker by profession but is also a foster carer. Therefore her experience of working with children as a social worker but also as a foster carer will throw light on the life and experiences of children who require protection and who need to be looked after away from home. The challenges which these children face will be put forward, and the importance that professionals as well as the general public are sensitised to their needs will be focused upon. A focus on resilience and its importance as a concept in these children's lives will also be maintained throughout the presentation.
Friday 31 October at 1000hrs

Fun Run
A Fun Run/ Walk and Relay will be held on Sunday 26 October ...
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