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A Sharing of Work by Dance Studies Students

Dr Joanne Butterworth will give a short talk about the new Bachelors in Dance Studies (Hons). The students following the Bachelors in Dance Studies (Hons) course will perform two ten-minute pieces which have been choreographed and devised by the students in groups of five in a study unit called Dance Devising. Some selected DVDs which were made by the students individually as their assignments for 'Dance for Camera' will be shown.

The activity is organised by the Dance Studies Programme, Mediterranean Institute and will be held in the KSU Common Room, University House on Wednesday 16 March at 1000hrs.

Water: drainage basins and human intervention

The talk starts by giving a brief description of the drainage basins spread over Malta. These are areas of land where surface waters from precipitation and other sources converge along natural or man-made channels to end up in natural wells, reservoirs or the sea. The result of rapid urbanisation has increased the pressure on the lowest parts of the drainage basins such as Msida with rain water flowing through   critical parts of the locality. The result disrupts the normal flow of traffic, inundates houses and causes extensive damage. The talk explores the geography of these processes and proposes solutions. It is organised by the Geography Division of the Mediterranean Institute.

The talk will be held on Tuesday 15 March in Room 105, Old Humanities Building (OH).

Human Geography

The Changing Demography in Town Centres
As urban areas in Malta grow, accommodating an increasing population and more affluent society, town centres are experiencing both an ageing of their population This situation is explored with particular reference to Birkirkara where the geographies of the core area are explored with particular reference to the changing demographic profile of the residents.

The New Geography of Retailing
The increase in the population of Malta has been accompanied by increases in the transportation   communications network, car ownership, the spreading out of the urban areas and changes to the consumer demands. This situation has encouraged the establishment of a number of supermarkets that can attract customers from areas beyond the normal walking-distance which small shops provided to the communities they served. The talk will explore and compare two cases where changes to the geography of retailing have been experienced.

The two sessions are organised by the Geography Division of the Mediterranean Institute will be held in Room 119, Dun Mikiel Xerri Lecture Centre (LC) and will start on Tuesday 15 March at 1000hrs.

Treasure Hunt

This is an all-round campus treasure hunt with various activities at points along the route. Participants will be given a map of the area and encouraged to use hand-held equipment such as anemometers to measure wind speed and hygrometer to estimate water content in the air. The treasure hunt is being organised by the Geography Division at the Mediterranean Institute and the University of Malta Geographical Society (UMGS).

The treasure hunt which will start next to the free-standing campus map at Atriju Vassalli will be held as follows:
Monday 14 March at 1000hrs
Wednesday 14 March at 1000hrs
and on Saturday 19 March at 1000hrs and at 1200hrs.

Music for Film

The music for film lecture, organised by the Music Division of the Mediterranean Institute, outlines the basic functions of music written for motion picture. This lecture, which will be given by Mro. Reuben Pace is open to the general public. The lecture will be held on Monday 14 March at 1700 hrs in Room 216 Dun Mikiel Xerri Lecture (LC).

Music from Recycled Materials Workshop

This workshop, organised by the Music Division of the Mediterranean Institute, is based on how to use recycled materials to teach children of different levels the concepts of rhythm, pitch, tone and texture. The workshop is conducted by Mro. Reuben Pace and is intended for an audience of Sixth Form students. The workshop will be held on Tuesday 15 March at 1500hrs in the Pavilion, Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle).

Għanjiet ta' Bniedem Solitarju

Dr Albert Pace will talk about the influence of the poems of Rużar Briffa on his work - how they inspired him, how he went about it. He will explain the main themes and motifs. The talk will be held on Monday 14 March at 1400hrs in Room 120, Dun Mikiel Xerri Lecture Centre (LC).

Mediterranean Music Studies & Ethnomusicology

Ethnomusicology is the academic study of music from all over the world. In ethnomusicology, students study a wide range of musical traditions, processes of music making, as well as different modes of musical participation.

Dr Philip Ciantar will be giving a presentation entitled 'Mediterranean Music Studies & Ethnomusicology' on Wednesday 16 March at 0900hrs in Room 127, Mediterranean Institute. The presentation will include a potted exposition of the teaching and research activities taking place in this area of study within the Music Studies Programme and how ethnomusicology is applied to the research of Mediterranean music in particular.

The Compositional Process behind 'Menok I Xrat' for Clarinet Solo by John Galea

The composer will speak about the inspiration, the compositional procedure and the structuring of ideas, motivic cells that help to construct the work in a cohesive whole. The lecture will also assess avaialable contemporary soundscapes for clarinet and their employment in post-modern music for the instrument.

This presentation will be held on Tuesday 15 March at 1600hrs in Room 124, Mediterranean Institute.

Cuerdas String Quartet

The String Quartet 'Cuerdas' will be performing in the Pavilion at Atriju Vassalli on Friday 18 March at 0900hrs. They will be playing a variety of classical and semi- classical music pieces. This activity is coordinated by Dr Frederick Aquilina.

Selection of Piano Duets

Elaine Mecieca, Maria-Elena Farrugia and Bettina Cassar, students of the Music Division, Mediterranean Institute, will be playing a selection of piano duets (quatro mani): Claude Debussy's Petite Suite and Johannes Brahms' Selection of Hungarian Dances. This activity is coordinated by Dr Frederick Aquilina and will be held on Friday at 0930hrs in Room 124, Mediterranean Institute.

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